The Williams Shooting from the Perspective of a Liberal Journalist


We must be extremely careful as to how we cover the Bryce Williams shooting. Unfortunately, Williams was not what we want in a shooter. He was neither white, cis-gender, racist, sexist, conservative, or a Donald Trump supporter. He was an African American, gay man who had been the victim of bullying. Given this, it’s best not to mention his race and sexual orientation when describing the shooting.

We do, however, need to find a way to cover the incident; we need to find an angle.

First, here are the facts we cannot work with:

Williams says in his manifesto that he was bullied regarding his sexual orientation by other African American men. We cannot mention that he was mocked by African American men because that might run afoul of our constituency of fellow liberals, and Black Lives Matter activists. GAY BULLYING IS OUT.

Williams also mentions that he was harassed by white females. To the naive reporter, this could seem like a workable angle. However, while “white” fits perfectly within our accepted targets list, female does not. We cannot report that females were anything but kind to him. We could alienate our female constituency if we do otherwise. HARASSMENT IS OUT.

Here’s what we can work with:

One of the victims was a white, cis-gender male. The cameraman who was murdered by Williams has the perfect profile of someone we can target. If we can find a way to insinuate Williams was harassed or bullied by the white cis-gender cameraman, we can work that angle. Perhaps Williams was so disaffected by the constant harassment from the cameraman, he was compelled to go on his rampage. WHITE, CIS-GENDER MALE BULLY IS POSSIBLE.

We can blame society at large. It’s vague enough that it wouldn’t imply that Williams was anything but a victim. With Black Lives Matter, the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, and Trayvon, we can spin the story into one about a man who was so deeply distressed with the state of the virulently racist nation in which he lived, he had no choice but to lash out, and unfortunately take lives. SOCIETAL PRESSURE IS POSSIBLE.

Lastly—if we feel we must—we can always pivot to gun control. I know! It’s a mainstay–but it works. If we cover the state of gun violence in the country, we can turn this unwinnable story into something worth covering. Note: use only statistics from anti-gun organizations such as Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and Everytown for Gun Safety—as these orgs will provide the statistics we can actually use. GUN CONTROL IS POSSIBLE.

Thank you for your patience as we decided upon the parameters inside which we can cover this incident. Now go, write up stories. Remember to be as sympathetic as possible toward Williams, as he was African American and gay. In fact, tout that aspect of his person. We can’t have our narrative disrupted by this shooting.

– Liberal News Network Team