The Way the Police Treated This 84-Year-Old Navy Vet Left Him in Tears

When I first read the news story’s headline, I was sure it had to do with how a cop mistreated an elderly man. Unfortunately, there are too many of those stories.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had not mistreated him at all. They had surprised the man with a new motorized wheelchair donated by after the man’s other one was stolen while he was shopping. Here’s The Blaze:

Navy veteran Roy Feragen was devastated last week when his primary mode of transportation, a motorized wheelchair, was stolen while he shopped at a Utah store — but it’s the police response he will never forget.

According to KTVX-TV, the 84-year-old veteran can walk, but not very far or steadily. So, when asked to react to his chief mode of transportation being unfairly taken from him, Feragen had no words.

“I ain’t gonna use that kind of language,” he said.

After discovering what had happened, officer Mike Wersland and others at the Salt Lake Unified Police Department moved into action. Just days later, they had a surprise for Feragen: a brand new top-of-the-line replacement chair donated by

The Navy veteran was brought down to city hall Tuesday where Mayor Larry Johnson presented it to him.

“This is super,” Feragen said. “Does it have an overdrive?”

“I don’t know if it will go 40 miles per hour,” he joked. “I always liked to speed.”

Then things got serious and tears filled the 84-year-old’s eyes.

“I don’t know what you can say but this is fantastic. You don’t expect this,” Feragen said. “This is just beautiful.”

This should have been paid for by the dirtbags who stole his original one. But when that seems unfeasible, the next best thing is for some generous group of people to donate, which is what did. Apparently, the motorized wheelchair was worth $1,800.

I still hope they nab the thieves and make them pay directly to the older man. The fact that some generous people donated a replacement for the Navy vet doesn’t mean the theft didn’t happen. The thieves still need to be brought to justice.