The Tea Party Has its Own News Network Now

If you’re frustrated with the mainstream media ignoring important topics and carrying the water for the White House, you might find solace in the Tea Party News Network, which will officially launch its website this morning. They’re operating out of the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, and they have the help of 40 volunteers. TPNN has partnered with Talk Radio Network and radio host Rusty Humphries, who will be co-anchoring TPNN’s first live video on Election Day. Politico reports:

“‘There are plenty of news websites out there, but there isn’t one that caters directly to Tea Party conservatives, providing activists with coverage and opinion that matters to them. The Tea Party News Network changes that,’ Todd Cefaratti, editor of the Tea Party News Network, said in a statement for the forthcoming press release. As with many right-wing news sites, TPNN puts heavy emphasis on the anti-mainstream media message: ‘We don’t need our supposed betters in the mainstream media telling us which stories matter or what we should think. We don’t mindlessly mimic the talking points of Washington leaders. The Tea Party movement now has a home for news it can trust.’”

 Politico points out that conservatives who identify with the Tea Party already have places to go for news such as Breitbart and Media Research Center. But so far, as Cefaratti says, there hasn’t been anything that specifically appeals to Tea Partiers. Hopefully, the TPNN will cover topics like fiscal conservatism regardless of whether they have to criticize Democrats or Republicans.

One of my main criticisms of many conservative news stations and networks is that while their analysis of the liberals and particularly the Obama administration is good, they tend to defend or ignore similar actions if the politicians involved happened to be Republicans. To me, they lose credibility this way. It makes them unbalanced.

This is why I enjoy listening to Erick Erickson. While I don’t agree with everything he says, he brings a refreshingly honest point of view and will go after Republicans just as much as he would Democrats. He understands that it’s important to remain ideologically consistent when expressing our views. This is what gives him credibility and makes his analysis of things more balanced.

Hopefully, the TPNN will be the same way. I hope they will be ideologically consistent no matter who wins the White House next week. We should not be afraid to hold every politician regardless of political party affiliation to the same standard. Perhaps we should even be more harsh to those politicians who campaigned on being Tea Partiers and championing fiscal responsibility but voted the exact opposite way once they acquired their position. We expect Democrats to lie and spend like drunken sailors. We should expect Republicans to live up to their word. Otherwise, they’re no better than the Democrats.

Here’s hoping that the TPNN will help us all be honest and ideologically consistent with ourselves and with those that we support.