The Syrian Trojan Horse That Will Lead Us Right to the Gates of Hell

The story goes that after a punishingly long war, the Greeks decided to try something new. They offered a “gift” before the gates of Troy–a wooden horse. The Greeks left, and the Trojans wheeled the mammoth trophy inside the city walls. That night, as the people of Troy lay sleeping, a group of Greek warriors snuck out of the horse–which had been hollowed out–let their fellows inside the walls, and laid waste to the city of Troy. The war was won.

Because of this story, the term “Trojan horse” has come to mean something or someone being surreptitiously snuck into enemy territory.

The massive Syrian migration piqued my interest at its very beginning. No matter how many men, women, and children were legitimately fleeing the violence of the blood-soaked nation, there was always a possibility that those who want to destroy the west would conceal themselves among the migrant surge, calling themselves “refugees.”

And it appears that’s exactly what happened.

According to Associated Foreign Press:

“Two men who French police are seeking to identify in connection with the Paris attacks registered as migrants with Greek authorities earlier this year, the Greek police confirmed on Saturday…Both were thought to have registered in Greece, the main entry point into Europe for Syrian refugees.”

The liberal media is in a panic, because they’ve championed this migrant surge, calling it compassionate, and the right thing to do. Now, because some of the Islamic State terrorists who devastated Paris may have been among the “refugees,” the left is doing everything they can to deflect the story.

Case in point: Vox, the liberal media’s liberal media, rushed to publish a story titled “This Tweet Perfectly Captures Why it’s Appalling to Blame Refugees for the Paris Attacks.”

Vox agreed with the tweet, but not without first speculating that this may not be radical Islam (shocker):

“…if a jihadist group is the culprit, these kinds of terrorist organizations are exactly the kind of danger that many Syrian refugees are fleeing from…Furthermore, jihadist groups have been recruiting a number of European citizens — such as ISIS’s infamous Jihadi John, a British citizen. So the assumption that only foreigners would be to blame for a terrorist attack in France is not sound.”

Liberals are so good at building straw men, their crops never have crows. No one is saying all refugees are terrorists; no one is saying there are no “home-grown” terrorists. What is being suggested is that hiding among the legitimately fleeing people may be jihadists bent on mass-casualty murder.

BuzzFeed, another elite liberal outlet, reported earlier this year that they allegedly interviewed an ISIS operative. This operative told them that the Islamic State has already seized the moment, using the refugee crisis as a means to smuggle its members into western nations. This was corroborated by another BuzzFeed piece from late 2014, in which a smuggler identified as “Hassan” told the outlet he’d already helped multiple IS operatives get into European countries.

These reports cannot be verified, but it’s certainly plausible, and likely probable. And now, if the AFP is right, and the men who devastated Paris were alleged refugees, the siege has already begun.

As I mentioned above, no sane person is arguing that all refugees are jihadists, nor are they arguing that there’s no such thing as home-grown terrorists. These ideas are just the little light used by the media angler fish to distract us from reality.

Prior to the Paris attack, the Obama administration promised to bring in 10,000 “displaced Syrians” over the next year. Following the attack, the Obama admin is sticking to its guns.

Fox News quotes White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, who tried to reassure the American people that the refugees already here were thoroughly vetted:

“We had very robust vetting procedures for those refugees.”

But Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX), chairman of the House Homeland Security Commission, says that’s just not the case, nor will it be in the future:

“I’ve been briefed by the FBI and Homeland Security. They tell me that this cannot be done. We don’t have the databases…There are a lot of holes–gaping holes.”

There are currently over 1,800 Syrian refugees in the United States. Once again, no one is arguing that any of them are terrorists. The argument is that some of them could have ties to radical Islam. If we increase the number of alleged refugees to 10,000 or more, we are inviting a mass-casualty attack like the one in Paris.

As further information comes to light, it’s looking more and more plausible that the attack in Paris was committed at least in part by members of IS that snuck into the city as “refugees.” It’s the most obvious Trojan horse there could ever be, but the left simply refuses to see it.

This leaves us with two options. Malice or stupidity. I’m always inclined to believe the former, but in this case, I truly believe American liberals–specifically liberal politicians–are so far removed from reality, so steeped in an ideology that demands political correctness, that this very real threat just isn’t on their radar. And that fact will lead us right to the gates of hell.

If we continue on this path, we will experience a similar attack within the next two years.