The Stupidity of the Confederate Flag Debate

What is a flag? It’s a rectangular piece of fabric emblazoned with a specific design that represents something. The American flag is an important piece of our history, as is the confederate flag. However, historical relevance can’t always justify something’s existence in modern society. If Germany still paraded around the nazi flag, it may be historically relevant, but not such a smart idea.

The point is, there is a legitimate debate to be had regarding the confederate flag on the Capitol grounds of S.C. and as a part of Mississippi’s state flag, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a useless debate. We’re intensely debating this rectangular fabric swatch; meanwhile 9 people were murdered by a hate-filled man in cold blood.

We’re using air time to discuss the relevance of this flag, and ISIS has taken Ramadi. We are arguing over the racist underpinnings of a flag–a memorial flag, as if anyone cares about that anyway–meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of infants are murdered every year thanks to Roe v. Wade.

We are debating intensely about this colored piece of cloth while illegal immigrants disrupt our economy and a completely unsecured border causes a multitude of problems, like drug trafficking, human trafficking, sex trade, kidnappings, and murder.

There are about a million things that are infinitely more important than South Carolina’s stupid memorial flag.

To those who want it taken down: is your life so finely tuned that the sight of this confederate flag is enough to hurt your delicate feelings? To those who want it to stay: it’s a confederate flag. Do you care that much that it stays up? Does it keep you up at night thinking no one will remember the civil war? What exactly binds you to this symbol? In the grand scheme of things, we’re Americans–and that’s our flag. So let it go softly into the night.

Faux debates like this are why people hate the 24 hour news cycle. It’s representative of all the asinine BS that must be used to fill the extra time. It causes us to scrutinize every little thing until every little thing becomes a national crisis.

This is not a national crisis. South Carolina’s memorial confederate flag should be, at best, a side dish on the plate of news–for like a day. Change it, don’t change it. It wasn’t the flag that caused Dylann Roof to murder 9 black people, it was his hatred of black people.

Personally, I’m pro-changing the flag. It’s always seemed odd to me to carry around a symbol of 1860’s racism anyway. But again, if you’re so wrapped up in the issue of confederate flag pride, you’re perspective is severely warped. We have other issues on our plate that actually matter, so just get over it.

ISIS, Boko Haram, illegal immigration, the border, healthcare, the suffering economy, jobs, I could go on and on. We have real problems. This is a micro-problem. Let’s treat it that way.