The Stunning Ignorance On Inauguration Day

The volume of empty rhetoric that comes out of Barack Obama is remarkable. What’s even more remarkable are those who are willing to believe it. Although I think the words “empty rhetoric” are too generous. Empty would imply ignorance; where it is clear that Obama is not ignorant. He certainly has his agenda; and his words reflect both his willingness to be, at times, blunt, and at others, deliberately misleading. The speech he delivered at his inauguration yesterday had it all: brazen Social justice, and ambiguous promises!

During his address, the President said this: “We, the people understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it.”

Later, he said this: “We cannot mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate.”

According to The Telegraph:

“As Mr Obama hailed Dr King for leading the fight for racial equality, and promised to carry on ‘what those pioneers’ had begun, the students looked on excitedly wearing signs that read: ‘Dr King’s Legacy: Jobs, not war’…’This is history,’ beamed 17-year-old Geterrian Tillman who wants to be a pediatrician, ‘Obama getting elected again? Twice in a row? It’s crazy. It’s keepin’ the dream alive. The sign is about the job shortages we’re having right now. We need to spend money on making jobs, not war.'”

In these three quotes, the warped view that bell-curve voters–what I call stupid voters–have of the purpose of government, and Obama’s genius ability to say one thing, mean another, and have people lap it up are displayed in all their glory.

First, Obama’s “We the people” quote ceremoniously continues his class warfare agenda. In this one sentence, audaciously using phraseology from the Constitution, the President has easily linked patriotism with class warfare. Clever, and simple.

Second, his plea that we put aside partisan politics. Need I say more? This is laughable. In a classic propagandist move, Obama pins his own terrible attributes to his opponents.

Finally, the depressing lack of cognizance and overabundance of passion on display by the 17 year old student, Tillman, hurts me the most. In his quote “We need to spend money on making jobs, not war,” the ignorance of the average voter is on full display. Many of those who voted for Obama share this idea that the government needs to spend money to create jobs. This thinking–as well as the sentiment behind taxing the “rich”–is the warped creation of Liberal minds. This diseased line of thought has caught on, infecting the American people; as evidenced by Tillman.

In summary:

Obama’s second inauguration continues the divisive and blatantly bitter brand of politics he has practiced over the last four years. The disease of Liberal ideology has infected enough people that Obama–with his obvious flaws–was able to win handily last November. This inauguration just put everything in perspective in the span of one day.