The Reason for Obama’s Disastrous Debate

There is about as nearly unanimous a consensus as there ever will be over who the winner of last week’s debate was. The winner was so obvious that to try and argue he was the loser would be to make oneself look a fool. Mitt Romney was that winner, and it was a blowout.

While there were certainly no liberals giving overt praise to Romney, they dared not deny his victory. This admission was accompanied by a cascade of excuses to explain away President Obama’s pathetic performance, excuses such as that Obama was on Xanax, Obama was restraining himself on purpose so as not to come across as an “angry black man,” and the altitude got to him.

But to believe that Obama’s first debate performance was abnormal for the man, a mere fluke on a night in which Obama failed to correctly align the stars, is to have never seen him speak without a pre-written speech being displayed for him on a TelePrompTer seven feet away. Obama is a fantastic actor when he has the script to read from live, but in situations in which he is forced to think on his own two feet, he has never excelled.

One of the primary culprits of this fact is the media. When Chris Matthews, post-debate, howled to the camera regarding his thigh-thrilling President, “Where was he tonight?” what he did not realize was that Obama was right there on that stage. Who Matthews and others saw debating Mitt Romney was the real Barack Obama, and who Matthews gets his “thrills” from is actually a speechwriter.

Can it be any surprise that the President, having absolutely zero practice at defending himself because the media chooses to ask him what his favorite color is rather than to explain the bloody (literally) Fast and Furious scandal, does not know how to respond to criticism or answer a pointed question? That this is partly the fault of the media is, in my mind, poetic.

Partly the media’s fault because I think something else can be blamed as well: Obama’s upbringing.

Radical leftists such as Obama usually end up that way because they did not have proper discipline. They were pampered, coddled, taught that they were extra special. So they grew up feeling superior to everybody else, but this brings with it a very delicate skin (sounds just like Obama, doesn’t it?). It was evident in the expression on Obama’s face during the debates that he did not have much experience in being reprimanded, or even in being told that he was ever wrong, as an adult. It’s always been his way or the highway. He felt so embarrassed to be contradicted in front of a live audience that it was all he could muster to even glance over at Romney while Romney was speaking to him before he turned down his head once more and gritted his teeth and pursed his lips with a smirk that showed us that he was undergoing one of his life’s most humiliating hours.

Obama’s debate failure was not a product of thin air or the non-existent need to hold back from looking like a bully, something which he never holds back from. It was that Obama is an empty suit who has never been made to feel shame.