The Political failure of our 17th Amendment

President Obama is a political insemination created by the most dangerous alteration ever made to our constitution, the 17th Amendment. Likewise Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, a career menace to honest representative government, was created by a century of government adherence to the principles of the 17th amendment. If the American electorate continues to turn a blind eye to this 20th century abomination our nation may never recover.

For decades America has been waging political battles over our national priorities and there are no clear solutions on the horizon only dusty proposals. Our government is in total gridlock as electioneering has superseded governing. If there is anything that the American electorate can agree on it’s that our federal government is infested with corruption and no longer represents the will of the people.

This failure of our Republic can be traced back to 1913 when a progressive disease called the 17th amendment established direct election of U.S. senators by popular vote and forever changed States rights. The 17th amendment superseded foundational principles created by Article1 & 3, Clauses 1 and 2 of our Constitution; whereby U.S. senators were elected by and could be recalled and replaced by individual State legislatures. These articles provided for independent state representatives at the federal level, less likely to be effected by national political pressures and more concerned for the ideological needs of their states electorate……………………………………What the heck was wrong with that?

Nevada is a so called red state, relatively republican and historically supportive of an conservative ideology. However they are represented at the federal level by Senator Harry Reid a Democrat poster boy for liberal special interests and a clear example of the failure of the 17th amendment. Nevada is no longer represented by an independent Nevada focused Senator. They are ruled by a Democrat ideologue hell bent on forcing the will of Reid’s Democrat Party on the residents of Nevada and States that he was not elected to represent. Does anyone think that the citizens of Nevada and its State legislature approves of the Federal government operating without a budget? Do you think the voters in Nevada agree with the HHS Birth-control Mandates found in Obama’s healthcare reform? More importantly who in the heck is Harry Reid to tell Texas or North Carolina what’s good for its residents?

The Constitution was written with the intent of protecting individual states rights against a potentially tyrannical Federal government. The 17th Amendment has facilitated the intrusion of national politics into independent states business. Senator Reid’s tyrannical hold on the U.S. Senates agenda is motivated by obscene campaign contributions from out of state special interests and the Big Democrat money machine is strangling our nation. In fairness the same could be said of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment’s addiction to big money.

It is always argued that elections are the vehicle for changes in representation. I would agree that is true at the Congressional level, but given the historic financial influences that have infiltrated Senatorial campaigns since the ratifying of the 17th Amendment it is clear that senators now enjoy the power to purchase the outcomes of elections further undermining the integrity states rights. Real campaign finance reform will never be seriously addressed as long as the 17th Amendment stands and government accountability will remain a myth rather than a reality.

Can you imagine the immediate accountability that would be injected back into our government if “we the people” still possessed the power to demand recalling and replacement of our standing U.S. Senator by our locally elected State legislature? U.S. Senators would no longer take months off to work on raising funds and campaigning for re-election. Instead they would be forced to do the peoples work or find another job. Our federal representatives would be focused on the local effects of national laws rather than depriving state’s rights to service the will of the majority party and its benefactors. I would argue that third party candidates would finally have a seat at the governing table and big money influence would wither while national issues would once again be decided by an engaged less disenfranchised electorate.

Consider the profound rebirth that would take place in our nation if once again we didn’t have to accept unfulfilled campaign promises and dirty politicians as the norm. The 17th Amendment was designed by progressives to safeguard against local political corruption and legislative stagnation. History shows us that it has been an abject failure and requires repeal if we are ever going to have a say in our nation’s future.