The Planned Parenthood Videos Are NOT Selectively Edited

In the above video, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest uses what has quickly become the go-to defense for Planned Parenthood supporters in the wake of the Center for Medical Progress releasing a string of undercover videos in which abortion providers are discussing the sale of organs and tissue Sent from my iPad

“These videos have been selectively edited!” chant the liberals in unison.

In fact, even when Jake Tapper challenges that idea, Earnest dodges:

Earnest: “I haven’t actually looked at them, but people who have looked at them have raised significant questions about whether or not these videos are credible–about whether or not they’ve been selectively edited in a way to grossly distort the position and the policies of Planned Parenthood.”

Tapper: “The whole video is put up on the website…you don’t have to just watch the edited version. You can watch the whole version.”

Earnest: “Yeah. Well, listen. I’m relying on news reports…”

Yeah, well. Nicely done, Earnest. You’re a credit to spin doctors everywhere. But this is the reality we’re facing. The entirety of the videos are available on the Center for Medical Progress website, yet we continue to hear the words “selectively edited.” It’s an ear-worm of a phrase forcefully burrowing into the brains of casual news watchers.

Average Americans–many of whom have exactly zero understanding of what goes on in an abortion procedure in the first place–are hearing a hubbub about some videos that allegedly show some graphic and illegal stuff. Then the liberal cavalry, consisting of the Obama administration, every Democrat ever, and 99% of the media, come rushing the walls with “SELECTIVELY EDITED! SELECTIVELY EDITED!” This then quells the interest of the uninformed masses, and everyone goes back to pretending that abortion is a woman’s right because it’s just easier that way.

They’re not selectively edited. They’re not selectively edited. They’re not selectively edited.

Have I said it enough? Probably not. It doesn’t matter! Americans are being bombarded from every angle with those words, and they are falling for it simply because of repetition. The news wouldn’t say it so many times if it weren’t true! Why would someone tell such a blatant, obvious fabrication? Hmm, perhaps because the left has a vested financial and social interest in Planned Parenthood continuing the tear apart children?

But there’s more.

This “selectively edited” mantra inevitably leads people to dismiss the videos entirely–but what is recorded is so important. What is shown in these videos is so wretched and so barbaric that it almost can’t be believed. For just a peek at the horror captured on film, here’s a screenshot of them sifting through a tray of baby parts, and holding up an arm:

baby arm

But it’s selectively edited, so, like…

This is liberal America. No, this is just America. As horrifying as the above image is, that’s not even the illegal part! That arm dangling from a pair of tweezers was obtained legally! It was part of a living human being. A woman paid a doctor to take that living human being, tear it apart, and suction it out of her. And it’s all legal.

The illegality being spoken of is related to the sale of the organs and tissue, not the murder and dismemberment that precedes it. How screwed up is that?

I would like to ask three things of you. First, please don’t believe the “selectively edited” BS the media is peddling in order to get you to dismiss these videos. Second, tell everyone you know about the videos and the “selective editing” propaganda. Third, I ask that you watch this video and absorb the barbarity because to hear and read about evil is one thing, but to see it with your own eyes is quite another: