The Open Border And Drug Violence Expansion Act Of 2013

Gang related and drug related deaths and crime are at an all time high in America. With an estimated one million gang members operating in our nation, this very real government caused crime crisis will amplify if the current version of the Gang of 8 Immigration bill becomes US law. Melded into the mess that is the new immigration reform bill is provisions that will fuel the growth of gang and drug violence in our American communities.

The “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013,” the bill that is being sold by Marco Rubio as a means to strengthen our borders and increase national security is a sham. When passed, members of criminal enterprises gifted a DHS border entry pass and a SNAP card, will eventually possess the right to vote in US elections.  It is an obscene expansion of controversial Obama immigration enforcement moratoriums. Does that sound like modernization and security to you?

Within the bill there is a section dealing with “criminal street gang members” ineligibility guidelines. Briefly, the bill makes known illegal alien gang members with criminal records ineligible for legal resident status and prohibits their application for citizenship. However, it also provides the DHS with a level of discretion for illegal alien street gang members with no prior criminal convictions. Page 606 of the BSEOIMA under “Subtitle G—Interior Enforcement, Sec. 3701: Criminal street gangs,” allows for a waiver for street gang members if they simply “renounce” their gang affiliation.

“(ii) Waiver—The Secretary may waive clause I (II) if the alien has renounced all associations with the criminal street gang, is otherwise admissible, and is not threat to the security of the United States.”

Imagine that. I would have thought that our government and immigration reform efforts would have automatically excluded any known illegal alien gang member from applying for any form of entry visa or residency in the US. After all, our law enforcement and penal systems at both the Federal and State levels have been keeping pretty good records of these animals and there behavior so it should not be too difficult for DHS and ICE to round them up and ship them back to their homelands. Think again America.

Like all rushed and poorly thought out legislation the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013” ignores one of the key problems created by over 25 years of government immigration enforcement and border security failures; Our national drug gang and illegal alien crime problem. Makes me wonder if Gang of eight secret immigration reform discussions included the Latin Kings and MS13?

I did not vote for any of the Senators that are selling Americans on this catastrophic legislation. Like most Americans, I have been watching my country slide further toward a third world country and have been screaming for immigration enforcement and reigning in businesses that hire illegal aliens instead of American citizens. I have watched four consecutive US Presidents ignore the problems our government has created all the while shoveling taxpayer money into the kitchens and homes of non-citizens many of whom are dangerous criminals victimizing Americans. Moreover, the Republicans are no better than the Democrats are.

Federal and State housing assistance guidelines prohibit anyone from living in a government subsidized house or apartment if they have been found guilty of so much as a drug related misdemeanor, but new immigration reform will, if passed, grant known criminal aliens with documented criminal affiliations the right to enter and live in the United States, no questions asked. Just simply agree that you will not be a gang member anymore.

Perhaps this is part of the Senates “family re-unification strategy.” So nice to know that re-uniting gang member momma’s with their anchor babies is a higher priority for lead dog Marco Rubio, then the safety and security of American citizen communities. Someone should tell Rubio he is starting to look like “Mikey” from the old life cereal commercials. “Give it to Marco he likes everything.”

The gang of eight Immigration Reform bill is fraught with economy destroying, debt and deficit exploding, entitlement expanding nonsense, and will only exacerbate the existing debt crisis growing in America. The Boston Marathon bombings should serve as a warning to Americans who think everybody comes to America with good intentions. Some of them come to murder, rape, steal and participate in street gangs. They just hope they can do it on your dime.