The Liberal Love Affair With Tax-payer Funded Contraception Continues

Once upon a time, there was a fight between good and evil in its purest form. Barack Obama, wielding his urbane, nuanced mind as a weapon, battled the wicked and repugnant Mitt Romney, whose narrow mind and evil Mormon-ness were frightening the peasants. On November 6th, 2012, or “Yes We Can Day,” as it is now called, Barack Obama defeated the foul Mitt Romney and secured contraceptive rights for all women! But lo and behold, though Mitt Romney’s arcane, 1950’s style beliefs on women’s contraceptive rights have been defeated, there is still discourse.

Ok, so if you thought the fairy-tale narrative of Obama’s and Romney’s policies on the female anatomy had finally come to a close, you are sadly wrong. Several days ago, feminist blogger, Amanda Marcotte Tweeted this: “Wingnuts: Either contraception is too expensive to offer without a copay or so cheap anyone can buy it. Please pick.”

So the prattling continues. But let me explain why the “Wingnuts” are against government provided contraception.

1. Americans shouldn’t be taxed so that birth control can be provided for free.

2. In the end, because you are paying higher taxes to cover the cost of socialized healthcare, this “free contraception” is not really free.

3. Wal-Mart and Target provide birth control for $9 a month.

4. The government should not force religious organizations, through an HHS mandate, to provide birth control when it stands in contradiction to their religious beliefs.

5. If common sense alternatives to Obamacare were implemented, such as Tort reform, means testing, and cross-state insurance sales, the cost of birth control, and healthcare in general, would drop precipitously.

Those are the tent-poles of the story. So it is not as though conservatives are trying to drag women back to the 1950’s kitchen, they simply believe–in addition to being opposed to the HHS mandate–that contraception shouldn’t be paid for by all of America; that although it may seem free, the money is coming from somewhere; that inexpensive birth control is available to many; and that there are better solutions to help lower the cost of healthcare.

Despite all of this, the Left was able to make a case that Mitt Romney was a misogynist. They trumpeted the slogan, “Vote like your lady parts depend on it!” and convinced many that contraception was the definitive, singular issue of this campaign. And they’re still at it. Amanda Marcotte, and her colleagues are simply marching in a parade of self-righteous ignorance.

In summary:

The Left is always looking forward to the next election. To be fair, so are those on the Right. But my point is this: Those on the Left are in a continuous effort to poison the wells of the political landscape. Even though the election is over, and their guy won, they are still continuing to weave the narrative that they’ve been crafting for this entire election cycle. They already have their eyes on 2016. Let’s get there first.