The Liberal Jewish Vote Is Killing Israel

Jews who vote Democrat are aiding the ideological destruction of Israel and its greatest ally the United States of America. If American world prominence and Israeli sovereignty is to survive, American Jewish voters will have to vote Republican. Once again the Democratic Party has divorced Jewish supporters while welcoming its second wife and her name is Islam.

Israel is now suffering as a result of the law of unintended consequences and the American Jewish vote is betraying their heritage. A strong America has always meant a save Israel. American Jews are ignoring the shift in ideology that has taken place in the Democrat party since Barack Obama’s election. The Democrats under this administration have worked tirelessly at attacking conservative Christian Ideology. They have undermined the fabric of our military, economy and the electoral process in an attempt to service an anti-Israel constituency, a constituency that for generations includes a high percentage of American Jewish voters.

American history shows us that Jews have not done well under Democrat administrations. Franklyn D. Roosevelt’s turned his back on Jewish refugees seeking entry into the United States. Harry Truman was no fan of the United Nations efforts to establish an Israeli State and Jimmy Carter has never seen eye to eye with pro-Israel policies. In recent legislatures many laws have been passed with the intent of supporting Israel. As it was with Civil and Voting Rights legislation these laws were passed by Republican majorities while democrats voted in opposition. Vilified right-wing Christian candidates continue to show verifiable support for Israel, yet they see little support coming from American Jews at election time.

The American Jewish vote seems to ignore the important connection between traditional moral values, biblically influenced foreign policy and the Republican Party. Jewish support for Democratic candidates now amounts to a vote against pro-Israel policy. Liberal policy failures in the Middle East have isolated Israel and God’s divinely selected people are being sacrificed to promote the tolerance of Islam’s right to exist. I would argue that American Jewish voters are furthering the cause of a coming Holocaust that will begin in Israel and flow to the United States.

Recently the Democrat party spit in the face of supporters of Israel and Jewish voters by turning its back on the significance of Jerusalem to Israel. Liberals fought a very public battle with many Democrats opposed to walking back this dangerous party position. Will the American Jewish vote ignore this warning salvo and continue to support a radicalized Democrat Party and their President? Are abortion, gay rights and a post-Christian America in the best interests of a safe and secure Israel? Does President Obama’s radical liberal vision for America balance his adoration for the Muslim culture and disdain for Jews?

Liberal Jew’s historic anti-war political positions are naïve and fail to recognize Islam’s motivation for targeting of U.S. interests in our world. Islam’s violent disdain for the U.S. can be traced directly to America’s historic support of Israel. The U.S. was attacked and the war on terror is being fought in part because conservative Christian ideology and its followers are directed by God to protect Israel. Muslim nations could care less about the moral soul of America to them we are an enemy of their culture. Liberal positions like Pro-abortion, sexual freedom, equal rights and gay marriage are destroying Christian ideology and with it dies America’s commitment to the support of Israel.

President Obama and liberal voters are leading a political insurrection that is systematically transforming our Republic into an immoral weakling incapable of protecting our greatest ally in the Middle East. When will Jewish voters protest the complicit sacrifice of their divine birth-right to a secure Israel? How much more American liberal orthodoxy will it take before the Jewish vote realizes that they are just one Democrat vote away from extinction?