The Karl Rove Cartel Will Now Pick Your Rhinos

By now all Americans—regardless of their political ideology, especially conservatives—should be fed up with the government failures produced by political operatives and big money’s influence in our elections. Election after election, powerbrokers like the infamous political Republican strategist Karl Rove and his campaign money machine are working to deprive Americans of the fundamental concept of choice in our elections. If Mr. Rove continues to have his way, conservative Americans will only be allowed to vote for candidates of his choosing in the foreseeable future.

Super Pac “American Crossroads”—founded in part by Karl Rove—has branched out on a new political influence peddling venture call “The Conservative Victory Project”. “The Conservative Victory Project” will operate independently of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and “American Crossroads”. It is being funded by big Republican campaign contributors frustrated by American Crossroads failure to aggressively inject their money and influence into Republican vs. Republican contests. According to reports “the Conservative Victory Project” unlike “American Crossroads” will be disclosing all of it donors. How refreshing, if true.

Marketing their mission as “picking the most conservative candidate that can win”, the Rove agenda is attempting to bring a new discipline to the Republican Party, by protecting incumbents and candidates they support, from challenges presented by the Tea Party and so-called far right conservative groups. Apparently big Republican donors aren’t happy with anti-establishment conservative Republican candidates—chosen by free and fair elections—defeating there candidates and subsequently losing to a Democrat. So now big Republican money will be using their wealth to elect prolific Rhino ringers rather than fight for a true conservative candidate—who they feel—cannot defeat a Democrat in a general election.

I can’t speak for the diverse and hard to define new Republican Party, but history doesn’t speak well for moderate Republican leadership in American government. Somehow I doubt that continuing the push for watering down conservatism in American politics, just to win elections, will solve any pressing problems in our nation. In fact, it will only produce more John McCains, Lindsay Grahams and Marco Rubios. Political compromisers of the worst kind, who support politically expedient legislation designed for party health rather than American prosperity.

Call me an idealist, but our federal representative’s elections were never designed to be decided by men like Karl Rove or any well-funded political action committee. You can thank the 17th amendment to the U.S. Constitution for that disastrous change in American elections and governance. Yet Mr. Rove and his financial backers (no better in my mind than the Left wings David Axelrods) will soon begin intensely vetting—in other words— threatening to destroy the character of prospective conservative candidates that don’t conform to their concept of a “winning conservative.” Karl Rove is once again packaging candidates that can win Independents, Republicans as well as the rare and elusive, if not extinct, conservative Democrat voter. Candidates that will do and any say anything to keep big Republican money happy with carefully directed legislative votes sprinkled with Karl Rove’s brand of political cronyism.

What kind of odds would you give a traditional conservative war veteran or businessman from the heartland of America in a Karl Rove vetting process? Better yet what kind of odds do you give to our Republic’s future survival if so-called Karl Rove/Conservative Victory Project moderates are the only candidates you will be allowed to vote for? Personally, it’s been a long time since I had faith in any of my available choices for candidate for public office as determined by the current two party power struggles. More big money Karl Rove candidates are the last thing our morally bankrupt political process needs.

For those Americans who will self-servingly attack my opinions and observations as disloyal to the new Republican Party and their evolving strategies, I would advise them to learn a little more about Mr. Rove.

Since his college years, Karl Rove has had—to put it nicely—a checkered political career. His devotions are not conservative. Rove is all about winning at any cost, even if that means using underhanded and corrupt methods to get the job done. Mr. Rove’s affinity for hard edged tactics designed to secure victory for a Rove candidate, over a true conservative candidate, serves American voters no better than allowing a biased liberal media to select our conservative representatives. In today’s reality the only difference is a D or an R after their names. I think most Americans realize conservatism is being abandoned by the Republican Party and without successful traditional conservative American principles resurgence in U.S. government, our Constitution and Nation is toast.

Washington D.C. and its current culture are destroying our country. Karl Rove is not and never has been an ally of freedom and liberty. He is both a political mouth piece and puppet for powerful financial influences who want their controllable candidates of choice running our country, not the candidates of conservative American voters chosen in free and open elections.

Keep an eye on Mr. Rove and his new “Conservative Victory Project.” If our nation is fooled into believing that Karl Rove is our answer to political victory and regaining control of our elected representatives voting behavior, we will all have another thing coming.