The GOP Will Lose the Election to Spite Ted Cruz

As Ted Cruz gains momentum, the GOP establishment is having a panic attack. If the GOP is a vampire, Ted Cruz is sunlight. For decades, the GOP vampires have lived a life of dominance in the darkness, and now the American people are threatening to open the drapes. This is life or death to them.

Republicans can deal with Obamas and Clintons all night long because as Democrats lie, cheat, and fundamentally destroy our culture, Republicans can simply sit back and point their fingers in faux outrage. Meanwhile, they keep their cushy jobs, high salaries, and ever-increasing power. But if someone like Ted Cruz won the election, he would take a stake to the bloodless heart of the undead Republican establishment.

The Republicans never thought Ted Cruz had a chance in hell. They believed, rightfully so, that this election would be just another checked box. Next up, Jeb Bush! And the gears keep moving. They never expected a race like this. They never expected Trump to disrupt the entire game they spent decades carefully rigging. But he did, and so did Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina. These outsiders knocked down the wall, and let Ted Cruz walk right in.

This cannot be. The Republican establishment has already begun to throw everything at the wall to see what will stick. He’s a liar about his stance on immigration! He’s a liar about NSA surveillance! He’s crazy! He’s dangerous! He can never win a general election! The fear-mongering and lying have only just begun. Expect it to get much, much worse.

If Ted Cruz wins the primary, the GOP will do everything they can to get Hillary elected. They will sooner poison the nation before poisoning themselves. They will do what they did to Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia governor’s race. They’ll spend as little money as possible promoting Cruz without looking like they’re actively trying to cripple him. Don’t expect any campaigning, or a glut of enthusiastic endorsements from any establishment Senators or Representatives. Cruz will get help from his fellow conservatives, like Mike Lee–but friendly faces are few and far between. Senate ghouls like Mitch McConnell and John McCain will either openly hit Cruz, or simply remain silent.

If Cruz wins the nomination, he’ll get little to no help because he is the true enemy. Hillary, on the other hand, is a friend to the vampires. A Hillary win would allow the status quo to continue, and that’s exactly what the bloodsuckers want. They want those drapes to remain closed.

But if Cruz loses, we lose. His loss would mark the end of the conservative resurgence for which we’ve worked so hard. That’s why it’s critically important that if Cruz should win the nomination, we as Americans give him everything we’ve got. We will be his primary source of support. It will not be a time for silence, or timidity, but truth telling, and aggressive campaigning.

The establishment wants to destroy Ted Cruz because he will pull back the curtain, and turn the undead ghouls in Washington to ash. It’s up to us to fight back with acuity and strength.