The French Are Revolting Against “Gay Marriage”

I can’t wait until some snooty restaurant refuses to offer French Bread on its menu, but insists on calling it “Freedom Bread,” the way populist pro-war fast-food owners started only selling “freedom fries.” The French, for all their liberalism and Leftism, are completely opposed to their government’s redefinition of marriage to include same sex relationships. In fact, the government response was violent and nasty. As the Spectator reports:

“Opposition to the bill has electrified the middle classes, the young and much of provincial France. On Sunday 24 March, in the freezing cold, the 4km stretch from the Arche de la Défense to the Arc de Triomphe was full of people protesting against the bill. On 13 January, also chilly, the Champ de Mars was similarly crammed. When Johnny Hallyday or the World Cup got crowds like that, people talked of two million. But the police, evidently acting under political orders, have claimed that both demonstrations — which are without doubt the largest public movements in French history — garnered a few hundred thousand at most. Credible accusations surfaced in Le Figaro on Monday night that the film taken from police helicopters on 24 March and released by the Prefecture has been manipulated to reduce the apparent numbers of demonstrators… Had the mobilisation in Paris taken place in Tahrir Square, the world’s media would be unanimous that a ‘French spring’ was about to sweep away an outdated power structure, especially since the demonstrations (including the daily ones held throughout last week, which culminated in a massive impromptu rally of 270,000 people on Sunday afternoon) are attended by an overwhelming number of people in their late teens and early twenties. By the same token, had the Moscow security forces tear-gassed children and mothers — as the CRS did on the Champs Elysées on 24 March — or had they dragged away by their necks youngsters who were peacefully sitting on the lawn after the demo — as the riot police did on the night of 18 April — then the worldwide moral policemen on CNN would be frantically firing their rhetorical revolvers. Such repression would be interpreted as a sign that the regime was desperate. Indeed, had the Ukrainian police removed the ‘tent village’ which formed in central Kiev at the time of the Orange Revolution in 2004 — as the Paris police bundled more than 60 anti-gay marriage campers into detention on the night of 14 April — then one suspects that Nato tanks would have rolled over the Dnieper to their rescue.”

I don’t remember reading anything about these events in the mainstream media. It seems clear that France, no matter how “liberal” really does think that a marriage is about the right to start a family. France never had homosexual adoption until now and the “civil union” law was used by heterosexuals as much as homosexuals. The French government’s commitment to changing all this seems to stem from a need to make France conform to other nations in the European Union.

What this indicates to me is that we should not assume that liberals are impervious to arguments about same sex “marriage.” We need to not give up or assume the worse.

And we need to pray that France is indeed, as the Spectator claims, on the verge of a revolution. After the law was passed, many French rioted in the streets.