The “District Of Corruption” Is Having A Beauty Contest

Alert: America’s struggling retirees might want to consider investing in Botox stock. Just about the time you thought Washington D.C. —the epicenter of avarice, greed and vanity—could not get any worse, up pops another head shaking elite society indulgence. “The Hill,” a publication I read regularly is once again sponsoring a government beauty contest to determine “the 50 most beautiful people” in government.

I wonder if Janet Napolitano will—if nominated—participate in the swimwear competition.

Actually there is no—thank God—swimwear competition, but the Tenth Anniversary government beauty pageant will now include nominations from “the White House, Cabinet Departments and executive agencies.” Where is infamous “American Idol” judge Simon Cowel when you need him?

Our nation is at war. Our government has left its citizenry twisting in the wind and a well-respected publication with some of the most influential writers known to journalism is sponsoring a beauty contest for our overpaid self-indulgent political aristocracy. There must be someone at “The Hill” who can explain the social benefit gained from providing one more unwarranted distraction for our incompetent government and low information electorate.

Oh, wait, there is more.

The contest is not just for government. It also includes the media and anyone who works regularly on Capitol Hill. Makes you think who the boys at “The Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) and their Muslim Brotherhood will be nominating. Rachael Maddow comes to mind. Too bad Hillary Clinton has moo-ed on to greater pastures. Our former Secretary of State must be thanking her lucky stars she is now a civilian and no longer up for this prestigious accolade. Then again “working on Capitol Hill” may include running for the Presidency. I will have to check the rules.

Is Barney Frank still eligible? I mean, to some people in Washington he is a beautiful and charming figure of a man. It is a beholder thing.

I am nominating House minority leader Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. My kind of gal. Rich, powerful, ruthless, and a biohazard to boot. A model of true Washington beauty if there ever was one.

I have no sincere desire to participate in “The Hills” beauty pageant, but for those conservative Americans that might like to send in a nomination, I recommend Michele Bachman. If courage and patriotism were, a component of beauty Rep. Bachman would win easily. If faith, loyalty to family traditions and maternal love were a standard of beauty in Washington D.C. Michele Bachman would have a lock on number one. Then there is the physical appearance thing. Michelle Obama or Michele Bachman? It is not difficult for me, but then again I have always been partial to class and understated elegance.

Washington’s standards of beauty do not and more than likely will never resemble mine. I am sure we will see a stable of Washington’s best kept—courtesy of “the Hill”—that will keep American journalists’ and journalistas’ hearts a fluttering for at least of few minutes.

Meanwhile our national debt grows, terrorism is regenerating, our governing parties compete for non-English speaking voters, poverty and government dependency levels rise, and the beautiful corruption in Washington D.C. destroying or nation goes un-prosecuted.