The Deification Of Hillary Clinton

John Calvin said: “Every one of us is, even from his mother’s womb, a master craftsman of idols.”

There are so many differences between Democrats and Republicans—or should I say Democrats and Conservatives. There are, however, differences for a reason. It is not that Democrats and Conservatives stand on opposing sides just because; we truly have differing world views. A pendulum spends more time on either side than it does in the direct center. With that said, I would argue that many who label themselves Independent are simply uninformed. I have found that once an Independent honestly talks out their beliefs, they end up landing on one side or the other.

One of the main differences between Liberals and Conservatives is that Liberals make idols out of their politicians, while Conservatives do not. Conservatives may revere and highly respect their candidates, but they do not make them into gods. Let’s be honest here: Obama has been made into a deity by many. I’ve even heard people say that he is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. So there’s that.

Speaking with George Stephanopoulos regarding a Hillary Clinton candidacy, Donna Brazile said: “So while I do think it’s too early to handicap the race, there is no question, if Hillary Clinton gets into the race, there will be a coronation of her, because there are so many Democrats who last time around supported her, who I think are anxious to see her back out there again.”

Making politicians into Kings, Queens, and Deities can have extremely adverse effects. First, it fosters the belief that they can do no wrong, that a politician is infallible. Notice how Liberals will defend their politicians to the teeth? Let’s make a list: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc. Second, deifying politicians raises unattainable expectations. Once those politicians are voted in, and proceed to break promises, Liberals are dumbfounded. They cannot believe that their gods would ever fail them.

The flip-side of making politicians into gods is making their opponents into devils. The unfortunate result of candidate worship is a demonizing of the opposition. The more people walk in step with their poli-god, the more hate spews forth regarding the opposing side, and its candidates. All of this: the love and the hate, creates a frightening delusion that renders people incapable of rationality.

Deifying politicians is dangerous. The simple attitude that a politician is near infallible can bring a country to ruin. We’ve been witnessing the decline since the Chosen One was elected in 2008. Hillary Clinton is the next Chosen One. Between NBC making a “life of Hillary” mini-series, and CNN producing something similar, the deification has already begun to move at full steam. It will only get worse as we near 2016.

Liberals are expert idol craftsmen, and they are blinded by the light they give to their politicians. It’s our job to turn off the light and show them reason.