The CIA, Media Manipulation, the Rise of Secret Government and the Deep State

When and how did the “secret government” arise in the US? It could easily be traced to the creation of the CIA after World War II. 

Former congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) recently conducted an interesting interview with author and founder of, David Talbot about his new book, the Devil’s Chessboard which is about the “secret government” and the story of former CIA spymaster Allen Dulles. The two men discuss the dangers of “secret government” and the need for accountability while reinforcing the importance of our constitutional rights.

 Ron Paul: Is it more verification of what a lot of people have suspected? Is it a degree that the CIA might have been involved and who might have been behind that? How do you put your book into that category?

David Talbot: I think more and more people, Dr. Paul, are looking at this question of the ‘Deep State,’ the secret government, the permanent circle of power that seems to keep running the country no matter who is elected. And keeps us permanently at war, with a very powerful surveillance state that keeps growing… looking into everyone’s business.

So [this book] gives the background of how this happened. It is the story of Allen Dulles, who was the most powerful and legendary spymaster America ever produced, he ran the CIA and our intelligence world through much of the Cold War, and many of the things we are grappling with today… these have their origins not just after 9/11, but during the reign of Allen Dulles during the Cold War.

I do produce a lot of new documents, I have gotten access to things that were not available in the past.