The Cheney-Obama Pansexual Left Is Far More Dangerous To America Than Iran Is

The New American is reporting that Laura Bush has requested to be removed from ads that promote homosexual marriage. Dick Cheney, on the other hand, is still ready to be part of the campaign:

“Cheney is shown saying that ‘none of us would want to be told we can’t marry the person we love. That’s why a growing majority of Americans believe it’s time to allow marriage for gay and lesbian couples. Freedom means freedom for everyone.’”

Cheney said this in 2009. He tried to pass the conservative smell test by “clarifying” that he only supports the freedom of states to decide the issue—not a Federal law. Right. Because from the Patriot Act to the creation of DHS, Cheney has always shown himself to be a principled Federalist. If you believe that, I have a giant silver upside down U in St. Louis to sell you.

Besides, his statements aren’t theoretical legal claims about states’ rights. Cheney was actively advocating for homosexual marriage as a moral good. Christians who believe the Bible are not protecting society from perversity but are evil killjoys separating people who love each other. Cheney was making homosexual propaganda.

Why don’t conservatives despise Dick Cheney? I can think of only one reason. He is an unrepentant mass killer of foreigners. Somehow, building up bigger government and running up massive deficits is just fine by us as long as the parts you build up have a homicidal purpose. Just slap the label “defense” on any act of aggression, conquest, and invasion, and in true Orwellian style it is all OK.

If I tell conservatives that I think Glenn Greenwald or Justin Raimondo wrote something worth reading about the so-called “War on Terror” the fact that Glenn Greenwald believes in homosexual marriage, or that Raimondo is a homosexual, is thrown in my face. “How can you trust such a liberal?” Well I don’t have to “trust” him at all. I just recognize logic. But how is it that Greenwald is disqualified for the sin of supporting essentially the same moral and legal position as Dick Cheney? (I don’t even know if Raimondo believes in homosexual marriage. If not, then he is more conservative politically than Cheney!)

Consider Iran’s “Supreme Leader,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He is a false teacher and he is on his way to Hell. From a Christian perspective, however, he is not remotely as dangerous to the United States of America as Dick Cheney and Barack Obama and their cooperation in spreading the false gospel of homosexual marriage. Non-existent nuclear weapons are no danger to us. From an eternal perspective, it is hard to believe that God finds Khamenei preaching the religion in which he was raised nearly as wicked as Dick Cheney promoting homosexual marriage in a residually Christian culture.

It is such a frustration to see Christian conservatives spilling ink over weapons that Iran doesn’t have and says it doesn’t want, while both Pakistan and North Korea have them hasn’t actually harmed us over the years. In the meanwhile, anyone who beats the war drums for massive “defense” [i.e. aggression] build-ups is treated as a conservative hero—and can often get away with openly supporting legislating immorality.

Militarily, we are the safest country in the world. Our armed forces surpass many other countries combined. And yet we talk as if we are in constant danger and anyone who isn’t increasing our indebtedness to China to support our “power projection” everywhere on the planet is trying to let massive hordes invade us. We pretend to support the troops while more have died from suicide than from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. And in the meantime, the real threats to our culture and our children are given half or less our attention. We are proud to support Obama’s drones and embarrassed we have to oppose same-sex relationships posing as marriage.

Cheney was never a conservative. He was never a net asset that conservatives needed for a time. He was just evil. Conservatives need to learn to never support anyone like him again.