The Boston Bomber Reaction: Making All Murder Terrorism

Right now, at the time I write this, there are claims that there is evidence that there is an up-to-twelve-person “sleeper cell” behind the attack of the “Boston bombers.” If so, I’ll have to change my opinion.

But, while I never believed this was a “right wing” attack, it always widely said to resemble a domestic or “home grown” one. Up until now we were told that the directions on how to make a pressure cooker bomb were commonly available. I have a hard time now believing that the perps “must” have had help because the explosives were so sophisticated. Of course, if there was a terrorist network, it may be the one Obama seems to have sent back to Saudi Arabia (similar to his predecessor). We have to wait for more evidence.

In the meantime, for all we know, these two homicidal and suicidal brothers are simply thrill killers using an ideology as an excuse. Remember, Harris and Klebold also used bombs that, according to the official story, they made themselves.

Yet, early on, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have already called for the suspect to not be permitted a trial—an American citizen arrested on American soil. They say he should be labeled an “enemy combatant” and shipped off to Guantanamo Bay.

If you wanted evidence of where this is going, you didn’t have to wait long. The same day I found this exchange at Politico between Senator Claire McCaskill and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano:

“‘Based on the evidence at this point, is there any difference between Sandy Hook and Boston other than the choice of weapon?’ Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano during a congressional hearing Wednesday.

Napolitano didn’t have a simple response.

‘In terms of intent for death and destruction and injury, no,’ she said, ‘Methodology, yes. And we don’t know the motivation behind, certainly, Boston — we don’t know whether it was domestic, it’s international …’

‘Or if it was identical to the motivation in Sandy Hook,’ McCaskill suggested.

‘It’s impossible for me to sit at the table today and say they are identical except in effect and impact,’ Napolitano said.”

On the same day the Senate was expected to vote on several gun-control provisions, McCaskill pressed Napolitano to reevaluate when and how the federal government defines a criminal act as terrorism — especially when, in the case of the Boston incident, no suspects or motives are known.

‘We are so quick to call Boston terror,’ McCaskill said. ‘Why aren’t we calling the man with the high-capacity assault weapon and the high-capacity magazine, why aren’t we calling him a terrorist?’”

Could this be a more perfect set up? In front of our eyes, while the Constitution and Bill of Rights are enshrined as figureheads, their jurisdiction is reduced. All crime will become terrorism just as the whole US is being defined as a battlefield.

And Americans will chant “USA” to the soldiers marching down their streets.