The Angry Atheist’s Guide To Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again. Christmas tree lots are full of families, the smell of baked goods is in the air and the Atheists are trying to ruin everything. Oh wait, that last one’s not so great. Every year, Atheist groups launch protests of Christmas, so much so, that it’s almost a Christmas tradition in itself.

It was going to be a routine, voluntary field trip to see A Charlie Brown Christmas at a local church. But this is 2012, and no Christmas anything can go un-protested. A mother complained to the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers about her son’s participation in the voluntary field trip–though she signed his permission slip–because of the religious nature of the trip.

The Society of Freethinkers said they oppose the trip because it is being performed in a church and the play contains religious content. In addition to all of this, Atheist groups across the country are displaying their own content next to public nativity scenes. There seems to be no end to the complaining, the prattling, and the general unpleasantness.

You have to wonder what it is that riles Atheists up so much that they feel the need to complain about Christmas every year. Here are my thoughts:

1. Somewhere deep inside, they feel a conviction that twists and pokes at them, and the only way they know to combat it is by lashing out.

2. They need to worship something, but instead of a God that has power over them, they worship themselves. They do this because they need the control.

3. They hate Christians and Christianity. They have no way of competing, so they overcompensate by putting on these displays and filing lawsuits.

In summary:

Atheists have nothing better to do than to complain, so they lash out every year when they have the easiest opportunity. Of course we should fight back; but in the end, let them have their fun, because they will always be the minority. They’re like petulant children who wear themselves out after a tantrum. Expect it every Christmas. I think the best thing to do is ignore it, because its not worth the attention. As Mark Twain said: “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

They may pour acid on the Christmas season, but they are only burning themselves.