Thanksgiving Is For Killers

Have you ever met someone, or known someone who loves to stir the pot? This type of person thrives on even a scrap of drama, feeding off of the troubles they create. This person also likes to make outrageous statements that will get others to attack them, so they can feel proud in their victimization. Everyone knows someone who stirs the pot, probably because everyone knows at least one Liberal.

Liberals love drama in almost any sense, but specifically if that drama makes them look like a martyr, or an activist in some way. The Liberal need to start fires is incredible. Yesterday was a day during which people across the country gathered together, and celebrated with family and friends. It was a day to be especially thankful. But every party has a wet blanket.

MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Tweeted his disgust with turkey day, writing:

Thanksgiving: because genocide is a lot more festive 392 years after the fact…This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for what we have and also awkwardly apologize to the Native Americans we slaughtered to get it.

I’m sorry, Ronan. Was our celebrating too much for you to handle? Did you have to remind us of our country’s past? No, you didn’t. But you just wanted to make sure everyone knew how enlightened you are. You had to let everyone see your shining light by offering up your disdain for this lovely day.

Allow me some clarification. Yes, what we did hundreds of years ago was tragic. So were a lot of things. Thousands of injustices have been perpetrated upon millions of people throughout history, but we can’t wallow in guilt every day because of it. Countries invaded other countries, nations fell, wars raged, and people were killed. Can we ever let it go? Are we not allowed to move on? Beyond that, Thanksgiving is no longer associated with what happened centuries ago, it is simply a holiday when we gather together to share our thankfulness. God forbid we celebrate prosperity, family, and friends.

Thanks, Ronan, for reminding me that you’re a pretentious loser. On this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for that. Sometimes I forget.