Thad Cochran Refuses To Debate Tea Party Challenger

“The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness.” – Niels Bohr

Hiding and secrecy are sometimes a necessity of the persecuted. Sometimes they are required for the greater good. In the majority of cases, however, hiding and secrecy are the tools of someone who has done, or is doing, something wrong. In these cases in which wrongs are being hidden, the only way to wage war is through exposure. The secrets must be pulled out into the light, so they can be seen in full, vivid detail.

Generally speaking, I rail on the left because they are a Party populated by liars, cheaters, and fools. However, the Republican Party is almost equal in its disregard for the American people. The Republican Party has transformed; it’s now Democrat Light, with a twist of tyrant. That’s the reason real conservatives have come out of the woodwork: to challenge these establishment Republicans.

Thad Cochran has been in the Senate for decades, and while he has done some good, I’m certain, he has failed to live up to the brand he supposedly represents. He has failed his constituents, and he has failed his oath. As Cochran runs for re-election this year, he is faced with a new challenger from within his own Party, State Senator Chris McDaniel. Though technically part of the same Party, McDaniel holds views that are radically different from Cochran’s, views such as not spending like a liberal and not loading bills with earmarks.

If Thad Cochran was truly proud of his record as a Senator, he would gladly accept a challenge. That’s simply the way of the world. If one is a purveyor of truth, there is no reason to hide. We are taught that from an early age. But the Senator has numerous times refused to debate his challenger. His reasoning? According To Matthew Boyle, of Breitbart:

“First, he and his campaign would not respond when asked why they won’t debate. Second, in late April, Cochran told the Associated Press he won’t debate McDaniel because ‘he’s trying to make me look bad.’ Third, in mid-May, Cochran spokesman Jordan Russell told reporters…that Cochran won’t debate because McDaniel, in his words, is a ‘liar.'”

Huh. How odd. I would relish the chance to debate a liar if I were a Senator. Wouldn’t you? It could only boost your campaign to soundly defeat a liar in a debate, rather than trying to combat endless slanderous commercials. Oh wait, Cochran has now come up with another reason he refuses to debate McDaniel:

“This is not a debating society; this is a race for the United States Senate.”

That’s also odd, isn’t it? I thought debate was a primary part of political campaigns. In fact, I thought discussing different ideas was what politics was all about. How often have you heard the phrase: “Oh, I don’t debate, I’m in politics.” Never. The presidential debates are an important part of the national election process. I guess Thad is just above all that.

This all points south. Thad Cochran has become a mini-Democrat, and it’s time for him to go. His refusal to debate his opponent is very clearly a sign of weakness. He’s afraid of what would come to light if he were to face the music.

Secrecy, and hiding are rarely a good sign, and Cochran has been checked. The checkmate comes next.