Texas Sheriff Tells Residents to Arm Themselves Amid County Budget Cuts

It’s not something we hear a lot from law enforcement personnel. Usually, they’re very careful not to champion gun owners. When a resident held a man at gunpoint for beating a woman in her car, the police made sure to let everyone know not to do what that gun owner did. And we all know how most cops act around those who carry concealed or open.

But there are a few cops and sheriffs who understand that their deputies can’t be everywhere at once and can’t possibly be expected to protect everyone all the time. That means that instead of depending on the police for constant protection, people should arm themselves appropriately for self-defense. The Blaze reported:

After a Texas woman fatally shot a man investigators say was trying to force his way into her home earlier this week, the Van Zandt County sheriff offered a message to other homeowners you just don’t hear every day.

“Presently, as the result of underfunding and inadequate staffing at the Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office, homeowners need to take appropriate precautions to protect their families,” Sheriff Michael Lindsey Ray stated, according to KLTV-TV”I will continue to support the law-abiding citizens of our community when they are forced to take actions to protect their lives, liberty and property.”

The sheriff’s remark sent more than a small ripple through the community, not to mention the office of the county judge.

“It’s disappointing and it saddens me that as elected officials in Van Zandt County we’re going to start pointing fingers,” Van Zandt County Judge Don Kirkpatrick told KLTV.

Kirkpatrick added a note to residents who could be alarmed over Ray’s statement: “You are safe in Van Zandt County. There’s no need for alarm or panic or anything. Van Zandt County is a safe county to live in.”

Roxanne Lewis told KLTV that Ray’s message wasn’t reassuring.

“The fact that he’s telling us that we have to protect ourselves is kind of scary,” she said. “I don’t know how to shoot a weapon. I don’t own a weapon.”


With regard to Tuesday’s fatal shooting, police said the would-be home intruder was also an arson suspect with a very thick rap sheet.

In fact, 37-year-old Christopher Ray Foster had just been released on bond from the Van Zandt County Jail for failure to comply with registration requirements as a sex offender.

People are strange. They’d rather have a false sense of security provided by a police department than actually being safe with a firearm. My advice to that woman who said she doesn’t own a weapon is to get a weapon and learn how to use it.