Texas Schools To Parents: No More Walking Your Kids To Classrooms

They might as well remind parents that their kids don’t belong to them; they belong to the “community.”

When I was a little kid, some of my brothers and I went to a small Christian school, and my dad would drop us off on his way to work. He’d leave us at the curb, and a schoolteacher would make sure we got in safely. That’s what most parents did. But for some others, especially the parents of little kids, they’d park and walk them in themselves and make sure they got settled in their classroom before leaving. No one cared or thought anything about it.

Of course, this was ages ago, before Sandy Hook and before 9/11. What the Sandy Hook murder has to do with dropping your kids off at school, I have no idea. But every stupid policy these days is enforced in the name of Sandy Hook or 9/11. That’s always their excuse. “We live in a post-9/11 world now, so things are going to be different.”

Some of Texas’s school districts are starting to enforce this new rule “to keep kids safe.” They’re no longer allowing the parents to walk their kids to their classrooms. The parents can only go as far as the curb, at which point the parent has to let go. And they’re claiming it’s for “security reasons”:

“Security enhancements at many North Texas schools this year may keep parents at the curb. All of the extra security is in response to what happened nearly nine months ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut… For years, parents were given clearance to walk their children directly to their classroom, if they wished. But enhanced security measures on public school campuses include the elimination of parents walking their children to classrooms, after the first week of school.”

One school district spokes(wo)man tried defending the new security protocol:

“It’s very busy on a campus first thing in the morning, dropping off kids arriving for the day. So, being able to know who’s in the building, who’s in front, who’s deeper into the building, is very important in keeping our kids safe.”

Keeping kids safe? From what? The parents? Some parents actually think their kids are safer with these government schools than with the parents themselves. Like one parent said, “As long as I can see him walk in that building, that will be fine. Because once he’s in that building they’ll take care of him.”

Did you know that just in the past decade, there have been about 67 school shootings in the U.S., most of which occurred in public schools? Public schools are not safe places to be. Gun-free zones are never safe places to be. And parents are falling for this silly “security” policy where the teachers “protect” students from their parents.

Maybe next, school districts will build dormitories on campus for these younger students to live in. School officials might allow the parents to visit. Only on weekends though.