Texas Homeschooling Family Fighting to Get Custody of Their Children

During Hitler’s dictatorial years in Germany, he passed a law that mandated that all children in Germany attend public schools.  No homeschooling was allowed because he wanted to make sure that Germany’s youth were properly indoctrinated with his fascist ideology.  That law has never been revoked and today’s German government has taken custody of children when their parents have tried to homeschool them.

The most publicized cases from Germany are the Romeike and Wunderlich families.  The Romeike family sought asylum in the US to avoid losing their children to the German government.  The Wunderlich family was less fortunate.  Last year, 20 armed police stormed into the Wunderlich home at 8am.  With guns drawn, they forcibly took the four Wunderlich children, ages 7 to 14.  Dirk and Petra were informed that their kids were now the custody of the state and would be schooled in state sponsored public schools.

When we hear stories like this, we generally think that we are more fortunate here in the US, but don’t be too sure of that.  Just ask the Tutt family who live in Dallas, Texas.

Trevor and Christina Tutt have a heart for children.  Besides raising their own kids, they have served as foster parents for other children and have adopted several more.  Some of the kids they have taken into their home have come from problem homes and the kids have special needs.  Many families would want nothing to do with some of these problem kids, but the Tutts have welcomed them with open and loving arms.

Last November, the Tutt’s four year old autistic child was found a short distance from their home by a local police officer.  Trevor was searching for the toddler who wandered off, and according to reports he was not very far away from where the child was found.  The police officer reported the incident to Child Protective Services.  Their initial investigation stated that they found no cause for alarm or further action.

Even though CPS had cleared the family of any wrong doing, local government officials decided that they needed to take action against the family.  On November 21, 2013, local authorities showed up at the Tutt home and seized all seven of their children and removed them from the home.

What was their crime?  Trevor and Christina are Christians who homeschool all of their children and local authorities don’t like that.  They fought for the custody of their kids and in January of this year, four of their children were returned to them, but with the stipulation that the kids attend public school.  They continue to battle to regain custody of all of their seven children and to be able to exercise their right to homeschool their kids.

Tim Lambert, President of the Texas Home School Coalition PAC, commented about what has been happening to the Tutt family, saying:

“Parents all over Texas are asking, ‘How can this happen?’ Children are removed from a home for a reason that the judge acknowledges is not justified, but in spite of that the court remains involved in this family’s life, refusing to allow a child to be reunited with her siblings and the parents who are in the process of adopting her. The adopted children, whom everyone acknowledges come from troubled backgrounds, are behind grade level, a fact that CPS would normally acknowledge. But in this situation, because the family teaches the children at home, the children are required to perform the same as their peers from different backgrounds? It is obvious that the Tutt family is being singled out because they home school. There is no doubt that if these children were in a traditional school, their limitations would be acknowledged and the family would be treated differently by this court.”

In most of the court hearings, there was little to no evidence to support the removal of the children from the home.  Instead, the family was lambasted for their Christian beliefs and their desire to homeschool their own kids as well as foster kids.  According to Lambert:

“On February 28 the Tutts were back in court for a “status” hearing to report to the judge on how things were going regarding the judge’s previous orders. The attorney representing Trevor and Christina Tutt expected a “20-minute hearing,” but like the other hearings in this case, it went far beyond the normal time. The hearing lasted for two and a half hours, though that’s not as bad as the 12-hour hearing in December, in which, instead of hearing evidence on why the children were removed, Judge Olvera allowed the family to be verbally attacked for their faith, ministry to the needy, and home schooling. In a new hearing in January, this time before Judge Callahan, the focus was supposed to be only on the cause for removal, but that 8-hour hearing was another attack on the family. Although Judge Callahan did rule that Judge Olvera’s order to remove the children was not justified, she did not return all of the children and would not allow the Tutt family to continue to home school, but instead forced the children to attend public school.”

“Observers in the courtroom at last week’s hearing report more of the same. The attorney appointed as Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) for the children reported that the one child in foster care, who is a sibling of two of the Tutts’ adopted children returned to their care, was “doing well in her foster home”; that her foster parents are very helpful to her; and that she suggested the child remain in the foster family’s care. This is the same attorney who previously told the Tutts she saw no problem with them or safety issues in their home but would not recommend the court return any of the children unless they agreed never to home school. Judge Callahan ruled on February 28 that Trevor and Christina could not accompany their two adopted children to visit the child in foster care. She said if those visits between the children go well over the next few weeks, Christina and Trevor may be included in visits with the child. While the GAL was officially dismissed from representing the children who remain at home, she will continue to oversee the visits with the child in foster care. One positive note was that Judge Callahan told CPS to allow weekly visits with the child rather than the monthly schedule they had allowed thus far.”

Lambert and his organization have stated they will be filing a request to obtain a copy of the transcript of the court hearing involving the Tutt family.  However, the local district attorney doesn’t want that to happen and has filed a motion to prevent THSC from obtaining those court records.  You have to wonder what the DA is trying to hide.

Doesn’t this sound eerily similar to what the Wunderlich family has experienced in Germany?  They were also told that the only way their kids would be returned to them is if they attend public school.  Don’t forget that US Attorney General Eric Holder spent nearly 3 years trying to deport the Romeike family back to Germany where they would face certain persecution from wanting to home school their kids.  Holder allows millions of illegal aliens to remain in the US and has opened the immigration doors for thousands of Muslims, but he spent thousands of taxpayer dollars to deport a Christian family who only wants to homeschool their children.

There is no doubt that Christians and parents are losing their rights in today’s America.  Children are being taken away from parents because of homeschooling and for questioning one doctor’s diagnosis over another doctor’s diagnosis.  Before long, parents will be losing custody of their kids just for being a Christian.