Texas Defied Obama & Secured The Border

Illegal immigration is one issue, and we all understand why people want to come here. I’m a strong believer in legal immigration, but not illegal immigration. We have young girls being trafficked as slaves for immoral purposes across our border and through our state. This cannot be allowed.” – Texas Lt. Gov David Dewhurst

Texas has taken a revolutionary step toward ending illegal immigration for good—at least in one state. For three weeks, in a plan led by the Lt. Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst, Texas shut down its southern border. According to Dewhurst:

We shut it down. We had teams of Texas law enforcement in the brush, high altitude aircraft, gun boats, and more...”

In the end, it was discovered that for $5 million a month, this can continue. Texas has shown that a state can take a stand of its own initiative. There has been an endless battle between border states and the federal government—more specifically, the Obama administration—regarding border security. Obama and his cronies want an open border. This is the case for numerous reasons, not the least of which is to grow their electorate illegally. Given that, over the course of Obama’s tenure, any operation by a border state to clamp down on illegal immigration, or reasonably secure the border has been met with backlash from Washington. Texas will surely be on the receiving end of some form of federal punishment in the near future.

The most frightening thing about Obama’s and the Democrats’ open borders agenda is not the issue of illegal immigration, but the issue of human trafficking and drugs. Every year, young girls are moved through the border, sold and used for sex and other heinous things. Every year, massive amounts of weapons and drugs are moved across the border. This results in murders, and the violent deaths of many innocent people. But because the Democrats have their agenda, nothing may come in their way. Their desire for an open border supersedes the need to end border violence, sexual deviancy, and death. By refusing to secure the border, Obama and his acolytes are complicit in the capture, and forced sexualization of young girls, as well as the drug-related deaths that occur because of the open border.

Texas has taken a stand. Will Arizona and New Mexico do the same? I can only hope they will, because Obama surely won’t lift a finger.