Texas Crime Rates Soaring Due to Illegals

I have a lot of family and friends in Arizona, where I lived for 36 years, who have told me about the increase in crime from the Phoenix-Mesa metropolitan area south to the Mexican border. Auto thefts, home break-ins, vandalism and assaults have steadily increased with the increase in the number of illegals crossing the border. Many ranchers in southern Arizona are constantly armed and even keep loaded weapons within reach of their beds at night. I know of several ranchers that have put motion detectors connected to flood lights around their homes. Some have even resorted to surveillance cameras as well. One rancher said he feels like he’s living in an open air prison with armed guards watching him and waiting for a chance to gun him down.

Many small businesses have had to close their doors because of the frequent hold-ups and thefts due to illegals shoplifting. Many urgent care and other medical facilities within 100 miles of the border have had to close their doors because they can’t afford to provide free medical care to illegals.

My old neighborhood in Mesa was a safe family friendly neighborhood. House loads of illegals started moving in, and when I say house loads, I’m talking about 20-30 illegals in one 3-4 bedroom house. The neighborhood is now full of crime, the houses look rundown, yards are trashed and it’s no longer safe for children to play or for anyone to walk the sidewalks. The local stores where we shopped are now totally Hispanic with very few English signs or labels.

Sheriffs in Texas are now speaking out about the same thing happening in their state. At their recent Sheriff’s Association of Texas Convention, a number of county sheriffs opened up about the impact of illegals on their counties. They are reporting that ranchers near the border are having their fences ripped apart, water pipes broken and vehicles and equipment are stolen and eventually abandoned after they’ve been completely wrecked.

Brooks County Chief Deputy Benny Martinez, who was attending the conference, told the media that about 85% of all the cases his department handles are connected to illegal immigration and it is more than his small department has the resources to handle. He added:

“The damage is constant.”

Martinez said that in the past five years alone, property damage in his county due to illegal aliens has totaled more than $1 million. When asked if he’s seen any progress in fighting the border crisis, he replied:

“Right now, I don’t see it. But what I would consider [progress] is, those fences being rebuilt and staying up for longer than a week.”

Karnes County Sheriff Dwayne Villaneuva told the media:

“When you have to focus on the rush of undocumented immigrants coming through your county, what does that do to your staffing? Of course it kinda takes some of our staffing from being out on patrol.”

Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau serves the 4th largest county in Texas and the 19th largest county in all of America. The county seat is San Antonio. Pamerleau told the media:

“The concern that I have as the Bexar County Sheriff is what comes across the border – if it’s not stopped at the border, it comes to San Antonio.”

Maverick County is right along the Mexican border. County Sheriff Tom Schmerber commented about Gov. Perry’s sending National Guard troops to help secure the border:

“My county’s all private property. The only way National Guard can go in to those properties would be with permission from landowners. It might help on the highways but not on the border.”

All of the sheriffs are saying the same thing. The flood of illegals is directly causing a huge increase in crime and many of their departments are too small to handle it all. Obama talks about deportation to help alleviate the border crisis, but most of the deportation we’ve seen has been from Texas to other states around the country instead of back to their home countries.

As I was writing this, I noticed that most of the news we hear about all of the problems with illegals comes from Texas and Arizona. What about New Mexico and California? Aren’t they experiencing the same thing? Why aren’t we hearing about it?

Could it be that California is completely controlled by liberal Democrats?

As for New Mexico, they have a Republican Governor but both US Senators are liberal Democrats and two of their three US Representatives are also liberal Democrats. Democrats also control both the state Senate and House in New Mexico. To raise the same complaints and concerns that are being raised in Arizona and Texas would be going against party lines and against Obama’s dictates. To me, the silence from these two states speak volumes about how little the Democratic Party cares about the American people. And as long as they don’t care, they’ll never do anything to effectively stop the problem.