Texas Christian University Forbids Pictures of Guns

You know it’s bad when even the private, “Christian” universities are succumbing to same brainwashing tactics that elementary, middle and high schoolers are subjected to in government schools. It seems that every day, some kid at some school in America is being suspended or expelled for pointing his finger, eating a pastry in the vague shape of a firearm, bringing a toy plastic gun to school, or drawing a picture that resembles a gun.

At Texas Christian University, a Young Americans for Freedom chapter organized an event that featured former U.S. Treasurer under Reagan and conservative political commentator, Bay Buchanan. The event was to take place on October 9th on campus and center on 2nd Amendment rights.

But school administrators stepped in and forbade the group from posting any fliers of the event on official school property and its website. The students were allowed to physically hand out fliers, but that was it. The reason? The flier had a picture of a shotgun on it, with the caption “Fully Loaded” underneath.

According to school administrators, that is not an appropriate message to be giving in this post-Sandy Hook environment. They also barred the student group from handing out free coupons for gun safety courses and skeet shooting gift certificates as prizes at the event. So, the group had to resort to handing out cookies instead. Writing for the College Fix, Jennifer Kabbany writes:

Reached for comment Thursday, Texas Christian University officials defended their decisions, saying they tried to work with the students, offering to print fliers for the group or post the event on an official campus Facebook page if the students would remove the gun image from the flier. As for the raffle prizes, campus spokeswoman Lisa Albert said in an email ”gun promotion is contradictory of the university’s policy to carry on campus… The marketing and communication team, as well as student affairs staff, offered several alternative options for publicity to the student group, and we did allow the event to take place on campus,” Albert said. “The root of much of the issue is that allowing promotion of an event with guns sends a mixed message to campus since we do not allow guns on campus… We are mindful that students have a right to gather and dialogue about ideals and beliefs that they support,” Albert added. “That is a big part of what being at a university is all about. However, those dialogues and discussions should be managed in a tasteful manner that does not offend or alarm other students, faculty or staff or members of our surrounding community who have differing viewpoints. Producing a poster with a rifle on it and the words ‘fully loaded’ can certainly cause alarm in today’s environment.”

Thanks to the political correctness of the school administrators, the event only drew about 45 people. If they had been allowed to post fliers and hand out real raffle prizes like gun-training courses, they would have been able to double that number according to the student group’s founding chairman Kathleen D’Urso.

College is supposed to be about fostering discussion and developing “independent thought” in students’ minds. But all they’re doing is stamping out discussion and trying to prevent independent thought.