Tennessee Cops Search Driver’s Car for Cash After They Prompt Their Drug Dog to “Alert”

On the way back from a funeral in Virginia, a California couple made the mistake of driving through Tennessee. It was a mistake, because Tennessee cops like to target out-of-staters to harass them into searching their cars for cash, which the police will claim is obviously “drug money” that’s promptly confiscated under asset forfeiture laws.

This unfortunate couple were attending the husband’s grandfather’s funeral. They were pulled over on the interstate for some alleged minor traffic violation.

The police separated Ronnie Lankin and his wife Lisa for questioning. The cop asked Lisa if she had anything illegal in her car, and she said that she didn’t. He asked her if she minded if he searched the car “just to make sure” nothing illegal was in the car. She said she needed to ask her husband.

The cop acted like she was hiding something, and so a drug dog was brought to the car to see if it would alert to any drugs in or on the car. Of course, the dog “alerted” to the driver side door, which gave the police carte blanche to do whatever they wanted. After they didn’t find any drugs, they said that what they were really after was money. “Drug money,” that is. So, it’s for safety.

The cop tells Lisa that she can consent to the search or not, and that it’s up to her whether she wants to “cooperate.” He tries putting a guilt trip on her for not consenting to a search.

He has absolutely no reason at all to search their car. He claims that the couple were acting “nervous.” Yeah, everyone acts nervous according to police. Everyone looks suspicious. Everyone looks like they’re hiding something.

Their “suspicion” needs to be something a bit more articulable than just a cop’s paranoid hunch.

And then in the report, they lied and said they found “marijuana debris.” They didn’t find jack. But they were desperate to find some cash they could “legally” steal.

Welcome to the Police State where the only proper response is to grovel at the feet of these Nazis to lick their boot.