Teen Gang Member Shoots at Armed Resident; What do you Think Happens Next?

Liberals think that the solution to gang violence is to ban guns from everyone. They think that guns are the problem. They mock gun-owners and say things like, “So, you think that adding even more guns will make us safer? You obviously work for the Gun Lobby!”

It’s not that we think we should give more guns to gang members. It’s that the good people need to be free to arm themselves in order to protect themselves against these violent criminals. Gangs are going to arm themselves with pretty much whatever they want, no matter what the law says. Innocent people should be allowed to reciprocate.

Here’s an instance where a Florida resident was armed and defended himself against a teen gang member who shot at him first. The Daily Caller reported:

A Florida man who had every good reason to carry a firearm for self-protection used it to defend himself Wednesday evening after a teenage gang member with a long rap sheet pulled a gun on him and allegedly opened fire.

Virgis Canteen, 43, and Davion Smith, 14, had encountered each other before.

According to Lakeland police records, Canteen accused the young gang member of burglarizing his apartment last month, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Tension between the two escalated Wednesday as Smith and two other teens began taunting Canteen.

According to a witness who saw the encounter unfold, Smith pulled a handgun during the harassment. And according to Canteen, Smith fired first, striking him in the “upper extremities,” according to a report filed by Lakeland police Sgt. Gary Gross, the Sentinel reported.

Canteen shot back, hitting Smith “numerous times.” He was transported to a Lakeland hospital and pronounced dead about half-an-hour later, at 8:25 p.m.

Despite his age, Smith had amassed an extensive police record. According to the Sentinel, court records showed that Smith had been convicted of felony armed robbery with a gun twice since the age of 12. He also had convictions for burglary of a habitat and for battery on a public or school official.

The Lakeland Ledger provided more detail of Smith’s rap sheet. That paper reported that the known gang member was arrested in Nov. 2012 following a shooting at a farmer’s market that left a 79-year-old man wounded. Besides armed robbery, Smith and six other accomplices were charged with attempted murder.

According to the Lakeland Ledger, Canteen does not have a police record in Polk County.

Though it is unknown whether Canteen had a concealed carry permit, he had ample reason to carry a firearm.

If this had been somewhere up north, Canteen would have been yet another victim of gang violence, and Smith would still be running around killing people for fun. And politicians and media talking heads would all be decrying “gun violence” and lambasting conservatives for not wanting to enact “sensible” gun legislation.

But alas, it was a (mostly) gun-friendly state; a violent gang member is dead; the innocent victim is alive; and the community is safer because of it. That’s not the kind of solution the politicians and media want to hear, so this will remain a “local story.”