Ted Cruz’s Hilarious Audition for the Simpsons!


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was already one of my favorite GOP politicians for his willingness to buck the establishment and stand by his (and our) principles. Now, I’m an even bigger fan because I’ve just learned that Ted Cruz isn’t afraid to make fun of himself and that he’s a big fan of the Simpsons! Recently we learned that actor Harry Shearer (who voices several iconic Simpsons characters) was leaving the show, which prompted Buzzfeed to search for someone to replace him. When they discovered Ted Cruz was a Simpsons fan, they knew that he would be the right man for the job.

Cue the ensuing hilarity!



The video immediately received a ton of negative criticism from the left as liberals all over America attacked Buzzfeed for being willing to work with Cruz. But many conservatives rightly pointed out that these same liberals would probably have been rolling on the floor had President Obama been asked to do this bit.

Well done, Senator Cruz. This is really funny stuff.