Ted Cruz says GOP Leaders Approach “Every Battle Pre-Emptively Surrendering”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) sat down CBN political contributor and Daily Signal contributor, David Brody. During their short interview Cruz took a few big swings at GOP Party leadership for their reticence to engage Obama and the Democrats on important issues.

Cruz lays out a clear (and very strong) argument for his vision of what Republicans should be doing in Congress and explains why the current GOP leadership is dead wrong.

“Obama and the Democrats approach everything passionately committed to their principles. They’ll crawl over broken glass with a knife between their teeth to advance their failed big-government principles.

Unfortunately, Republican leadership approaches every battle pre-emptively surrendering, saying we can get nothing.

When it comes to the debt ceiling, the position of GOP leadership is already that they want to give trillions in borrowing authority to Barack Obama in exchange for nothing.

John Boehner is already talking about cutting a deal with Nancy Pelosi and teaming up with the Democrats to fund 100% of Barack Obama’s big government agenda.”