Ted Cruz Fights The Kings & Queens Of Washington DC

What’s the difference between regular people and our political leaders on Capitol Hill? The answer is an easy one: position. Americans are suffering with record unemployment (when you factor in those who have left the work force), extraordinary debt, and a healthcare bill that can only be adequately compared to Godzilla in terms of the destruction it is wreaking. Meanwhile, we have leaders (if you can dignify them with that title) who are wealthy, powerful, and not under obligation to use Obamacare. The men and women in Washington are not like us.

Here’s the skinny: for years, the Left has waged a war on big business, and the wealthy. They have made a living out of claiming that the rich only earn their wealth through the toil of average Americans. The Left has, for many years, told us that rich people are not like us. Because they are not like us, they cannot understand our issues. This has been a standard platform of liberal America.

There do exist elites who don’t understand us, but they are not the rich white corporate guys we’ve been trained to hate, they are our representatives in the House, Senate, and White House. These men and women have raised themselves so high above the rest of us that they can no longer understand us. They live solely to please themselves, and their colleagues. They are the gods on mount Olympus, and we are nothing.

This frightening elitism has lead to a revolution, creating a climate out of which several Americans have risen to fight. My personal favorite of these heroes is Ted Cruz. His bravery in the face of such extreme hatred is commendable. He is hated by liberals, by Republicans, and by the media. But none of that seems to bother him. He is an American Senator, and his job is to serve the interests of his constituents. According to The Hill:

“Conservatives in Iowa and New Hampshire are preparing a hero’s welcome for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) after he showed up Senate Republican leaders during a crucial vote on the debt limit. Cruz infuriated his Senate Republican colleagues this week when he filibustered a clean bill to raise the debt limit. His objection forced Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and 11 other Republicans to vote with Democrats to advance the legislation. But in Iowa and New Hampshire, two important presidential primary states, conservative activists are cheering Cruz’s stand and buzzing about a possible presidential run in 2016.”

It seems like every news story about Cruz’s filibuster has been weighed down by such negativity. Not a day goes by that it is not mentioned how little Cruz is liked by everyone in Washington. However, that focus, that insular thinking is exactly the problem. The focus is warped, with an understanding that Cruz should care about what his colleagues think of him. He should be concerned with his image, because if he’s not liked in Washington, the American people will hate him as well. That sentiment could not be any more ridiculous.

Americans appreciate Cruz for his strength, and integrity. And that’s where the focus should lie—on the American people. The only opinion Cruz should care about is that of his fellow Americans. Who gives a crap about the elites in DC? Our representatives in Congress are supposed to be our branch of government, and Ted Cruz understands that.

As Winston Churchill said: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

Let’s shift the focus from the kings and queens of Washington, and bring it back to where it belongs. Cruz 2016.