Ted Cruz Explains that “The Constitution wasn’t a First Draft”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been getting hit from all sides in recent days, particularly from other Republicans who seem quite worried about the possibility of a Ted Cruz presidency. With that in mind, Senator Cruz’s campaign has released a new ad, reminding us all that the Constitution wasn’t “a first draft,” and that the way back to American exceptionalism is through conservative American principles.

Barack Obama sticks by his principles. It’s time for Republicans to stand by ours. That’s how we win. And that’s how I’ll lead. As President, I won’t compromise the values that make us who we are. The Constitution wasn’t a First Draft. Our Border isn’t a Revolving door. And the rule of Law wasn’t meant to be broken.

America is off track, but our founding principles will get us back.

I’m Ted Cruz and I approve this message.

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