Teacher Unions Pressure Network to Cancel Show Airing How Teachers Seduce Your Kids

I’ve written a number of times in the past couple years about incidents where teachers have taken sexual advantage of students of all ages. In the northern Kentucky/greater Cincinnati area, it seems that there is at least 1-2 new cases reported on the news every month. You would think that educators would be educated enough to know that they won’t get away with their crimes, but they are more stupid than you think.

The Discovery Channel recognized the problem of sexually predatory teachers hunting for your kid(s) in classrooms all over the nation. They had planned to air a television program called Bad Teachers that would depict real life instances to teach parents and students what is going on and how to stop it.

Unions such as the National Education Association, which could be one of the most liberal and socialist unions in America, and the American Federation of Teachers contacted the Discovery Channel with their concerns about the program. However, the series of true crime programs aired one program before succumbing to the pressures of teachers’ union who don’t want you to know what their teachers are doing to your kids.

Bowing to the pressures of the liberal teachers’ union, Steve Dembo, Director of Social Media for Discovery Education website, responded, saying they understand that there are ‘millions of dedicated professionals’ in the public school and that the people at Discovery ‘share your concerns’ about the Discovery program Bad Teachers.

Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers responded to the news of the cancellation, saying:

“I was surprised to learn, through a barrage of tweets Sunday night after “Bad Teacher” aired, that Discovery would use its brand to promote such an offensive program. However, I am heartened that it has taken steps to cancel the show and publicly affirm that Discovery Education’s mission is to celebrate and support educators.”

“Every day, educators go into the classroom to make a difference in the lives of our children. Their work should be honored and valued, not bashed, and we hope to work with Discovery to showcase the real work teachers do every day to help kids achieve their dreams.”

In other words, they don’t want parents and the American people to know that there are a number of real life sexual predators prowling the hallowed halls of education searching for your child to be their next victim.

But I’ve heard nothing about the same teachers’ unions protesting the new CBS prime time sitcom Bad Teacher. When I checked out the program on IMBd, I was very concerned to read their synopsis of the show:

“Centers on a sexy, foul-mouthed divorcée who becomes a teacher to find her next husband.”

The write up on the show’s CBS website states:

“BAD TEACHER is a single camera comedy based on the hit feature film about a hot, fearless and unapologetic former trophy wife who masquerades as a teacher in order to find a new man after her wealthy husband leaves her penniless. Dumped, divorced and broke due to a bad pre-nup, Meredith Davis is inspired by her friend’s smart, awkward stepdaughter, Lily, to devise the perfect 3-step plan: 1) pose as a teacher at Lily’s ritzy middle school 2) meet and marry a rich single dad 3) return to a lavish lifestyle. Using a phony resume, quick thinking Meredith effortlessly charms Principal Carl Gaines, who is easily duped and oblivious to her agenda. The faculty includes Joel, her handsome former high school classmate turned gym teacher, who sees right through her, but is amused by her antics; Irene, a shy, introverted teacher who’s overly excited at the possibility of making a best friend; and Ginny, the up-tight Faculty President and busybody who resents Meredith and suspects something’s fishy. Meredith may be the worst teacher ever, but she’s the only one qualified to impart much-needed life lessons to Lily and her friends, while she keeps an eye out for husband #2.”

The teacher portrayed here is a blonde in a dress that’s at least 2 sizes too small, too low cut on the top, too short on the legs and just oozes sexuality. This seems okay with the teachers’ unions. They don’t mind teachers being portrayed as hyper-sexed sluts hunting the scholastic hallways for a mate, but they do mind when a network shows real life teachers preying on your kids.

Speak about liberal hypocrisy!