Teacher Fired for Trying to Break up Vicious Fight

We read stories all the time about fights that break out on school buses and how the driver doesn’t do anything to stop them. We often fault the driver for not stepping in to break up the fight, and perhaps with good reason, but understand that they’re under orders not to intervene. I’m not defending that ridiculous rule, but that’s usually why they don’t interfere with fights. They’re supposed to notify security. Of course, if you’re on the road in a school bus, there’s not a whole lot a security guard can do. I’d say if students are going to behave like animals, they should expect to be treated like animals.

Here’s a case where a Detroit teacher had had enough of these two animals fighting with each other, and she attempted to break up the fight by hitting one of the kids with what appeared to be a broom stick. Cell phone video caught the incident, and when the teacher struck the student, he seemed completely unfazed, and the animals continued their brawl.

Now that the cell phone footage has been released, the teacher is facing child abuse charges and has been reportedly fired. The students returned to school after serving a 10-day suspension.

She tried calling for security on her walkie-talkie, but it wasn’t working. Even if a security guard were called, what was he going to do, taser both the kids? And that would have been more acceptable than for a teacher to strike one of the kids with a broomstick?

If the teacher hadn’t gotten involved, other parents would be outraged that she did nothing. Now that she intervened and tried to stop the fight, parents and school officials are equally outraged that she did something. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Good thing the teacher wasn’t white; otherwise this would be a hate crime.