Tax Dollars To Pay For Sex Change Surgery?

Since 1981, it has been illegal for anyone to have their sex change surgery covered through Medicaid or Medicare.  Under the liberal leadership of the White House, this may be about to change.  The Department of Health and Human Services has asked for this rule to be changed so that your tax dollars can start paying for sex change operations through Medicaid and Medicare.

Matt Barber, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law and Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action tried to warn America back in 2009 that this would happen with Obamacare.  Barber told OneNewNow:

“I was warning that ultimately with the discretion that the Secretary of Health and Human Services has been given, ultimately knowing this president’s radical ideology and Kathleen Sebelius’ radical pro-homosexual and transsexual ideology, that eventually they would move toward taxpayer funding of so-called gender reassignment surgery.”

“I was mocked at the time by Rachael Maddow on her program for pointing out that simple reality.  And now we see that it looks very much like the HHS is moving toward doing that under the national coverage determination.”

“She didn’t refute any of the substance of my release.  She didn’t deny the real likelihood that such cosmetic procedures will be covered at taxpayer expense. And she certainly didn’t give me the opportunity to respond to her propagandist obfuscation.”

Matt Barber and Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuals have shown that most people claiming to be transgender are actually suffering from gender identity disorder.  They also say that over 80% of them respond successfully to proper psychological counseling that helps them realize and accept their biological gender.

Yet, states like California and New Jersey are passing laws to make religious counseling for transgender and homosexuals illegal.  Gay activists claim that reparative therapy is harmful, despite the statistics that indicate otherwise.

First we learn that our taxpayer dollars are being used to pay for abortions through Obamacare and now we’ve learned that Obama and Sebelius want to take more of our tax dollars to pay for sex change surgeries for people suffering from a mental illness known as gender identity disorder.  It makes one have to ask what they are going to use our tax dollars for next?