Talking About Abortion? Offensive. Abortion Itself? Nah.

At the University of Alabama there was a glass display case in which Bama Students for Life (BSL) had put up one of those tri-fold poster boards used for science-fair projects.

The board was a pro-life display that included, according to The College Fix, “very small pictures of victims of the notorious late-term abortionist and convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell and another small head shot of a young woman who apparently died from an abortion. Those small images were intermixed with a few other photos and written facts about abortion, such as the estimate that there has [sic] been 56 million abortions since the procedure was legalized in 1973.”

The display, BSL discovered, was soon taken down, however.

When member Claire Chretien confronted Ferguson Student Center Event Coordinator Donna Lake to ask why it was removed, Lake told her she had received complaints about the display.

Chretien asked Lake what, then, the guidelines were for using that display case, which they had reserved for use by BSL.

Lake told her there could be no offensive or graphic material. “If we get a complaint, we have to take it down,” she said.

Lake may or may not be lying about those “nothing offensive” guidelines, but if she’s telling the truth and if people were actually offended (as I’m sure they were), then BSL’s anti-abortion display did need to be taken down.

But why should that be a guideline, not to put anything offensive in the case? Anything can be misconstrued and interpreted to be offensive, especially when dealing with liberals. There is a very narrow avenue of topics and ideas that they do not find offensive. “Do not be offensive,” therefore, effectively means “Do not put anything in here that liberals wouldn’t like.”

I have no doubt Ms. Lake received complaints about the display case and was pressured to remove the anti-abortion material inside of it. But what a sad testament of our culture that the mere acknowledgment of the gruesome reality of abortion is seen as more offensive than the gruesome reality of abortion itself!

“Rape can not only be physically damaging to a person, but psychologically destructive.”

Whoa, there, compadre, talking about rape offends me. The actual act itself, though? Nah.