Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage by Middle Eastern Christians

At a recent dinner “In Defense of Christians” targeted at Middle Eastern Christians, Ted Cruz was literally booed off the stage when he started making comments in support of Israel. It seems that Middle Eastern Christians are less willing than Americans to endorse the Judeo-Christian alliance. There are many reasons for this, and almost none of them are specifically Anti-Semitic. Since 1948, Israel has been under constant threat of invasion and attack from the surrounding Arabic countries. Read more […]

The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Bad Theology from Three World Religions

The mainstream media has tried everything to ignore the obvious: the Israel-Palestine conflict is religious more than it is political. At least one commentator has been willing to point this out: Please tell me—in light of these passages [from the Old Testament and the Quran/Hadith] written centuries and millennia before the creation of Israel or the occupation—how can anyone conclude that religion isn’t at the root of this, or at least a key driving factor? You may roll your eyes at these Read more […]