How Can Conservatives Possibly Capture the Youth Vote?

If someone’s illiterate, would you throw a book at them and expect them to learn? Absolutely not. That’s not only illogical, but cruel. So, if someone lacks the ability–not the will, but the ability–to see something from an alternate perspective, because they’ve never been taught to do so, how do you reach them? Find an issue on which their perspective is similar to yours, and work from there. Build from the ground up. I was recently asked an interesting political question by a colleague. He’s Read more […]

Study: Recessions Make Youth More Likely To Be Leftists posted an article yesterday titled “Has the recession spawned a generation of Democrats?” It’s a frightening prospect for any right-minded person and might therefore make one scoff at its validity. But the study’s findings are not out of alignment with logical thought, and to doubt them won’t do anything good for conservatives. The report, published in the Review of Economic Studies, finds that people who go through an economic recession “during the critical years of early adulthood” Read more […]

“Yes, We Can!” Black Youth Unemployment Rate 393% Higher Than National Rate

Anytime conservatives talk about how bad our current economy is, the usual liberal “rebuttal” is something like, “You need to go take a basic ecomonics [sic] course, cause you don’t know anything about the ecomony [sic]!” Well, I suppose if I had money to burn, it might be interesting to go back and take another economics course. But my taking another economics course isn’t going to all of a sudden make the economy better. It’s true that for some people in some sectors, the economy Read more […]

Does Ashton Kutcher Show Us Why The AFL-CIO Is Declining?

Ashton gave a short speech the other night, and yesterday Fox News reported on the decline of a major union, “It was an unexpected and blunt admission by one of the nation’s most powerful labor leaders: ‘We are in crisis, and we have to do things differently,’ AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told USA Today last week. His candid assessment heralds a change in strategy for the one-time labor giant.  It is now seeking to partner with other left-leaning organizations such as the NAACP and Read more […]