Youth Misery Index the Worst Under Obama

According to the Youth Misery Index (apparently that’s a thing), Obama is the worst president ever as far as the well-being of young people is concerned. The Youth Misery Index has risen over 18.1 percent since Obama took office. That’s more than under any other president. An article in the College Fix uncovers the cruel irony of our hippest hipster president being the absolute worst president for hipsters. Bummer. The Youth Misery Index measures youth unemployment, student debt on graduation, Read more […]

Youth Unemployment: Minimum Wage Law Needs To Be Killed NOW

The state of unemployment in the US among young Americans is even worse now than in 2007. The Natonal Review blog, the Agenda, sums up some facts from The Progressive Policy Institute and the picture is really bad. The percentage of non-student Americans between the ages of 16-24 who are not working full-time is ten percent less this year than it was in 2007. Now, just over a third, 36 percent, have full time work. For those who did not get a high school diploma, only 14 percent have full time Read more […]