You Rate Businesses, But What Happens When Businesses Start to Rate You?

You’re probably familiar with Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, and other online review sites that help you pick out the best restaurants, hotels, services, and attractions in your local area. You may have even contributed to some of these sites by telling others about your stellar (or not so stellar) experience. But what would happen if businesses started rating their customers? In actuality, this has already begun. Uber already has a rating system in place whereby drivers can rate passengers. Read more […]

Court Demands Yelp Turn Over Anonymous User Info to Business

Joe Hadeed runs a carpet business. Apparently, he has gotten some very bad reviews on Yelp from people he claims were never customers. Truth be told, it seems he has gotten bad reviews from quite a few people. It is against Yelp’s user agreement to post reviews unless you are an actual customer. So Hadeed went to court and asked a judge to get him the names of the people who anonymously posted reviews to his Yelp page. And apparently, he won. A Virginia court has ordered Yelp to turn over the names Read more […]