Iraqi Parliament Member Begs for Help and It’s Heart-Wrenching

A heart-wrenching video has gone viral over the Internet – in it you can see an Iraqi Member of Parliament begging her countrymen for help. The MP is a Yazidi and her people are being threatened with genocide. ISIS is a very real threat and she must do anything she can to save her people. Call your local representatives, call your state representatives, call your national representatives! Demand that they find a solution. Don’t allow a Holocaust to occur in our generation. Don’t Read more […]

We’re Back in Iraq … Again

Iraq is the problem that won’t go away. We’ve had a military presence there for nearly a quarter of a century and it doesn’t look like we’ll be leaving Iraq alone for quite some time. Obama just authorized bombings there in order to try to stem the tide of ISIS, which has been brutalizing Christians (and other religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq) and threatening American personnel. Reports vary, but they’re all harrowing—people being literally crucified, children being beheaded, Read more […]