Man Jailed for Months for Possession of Vitamins

He got pulled over, because he was apparently driving without his headlights on. The cop then used the traffic stop as an excuse to interrogate the 31-year-old and search his car. During the search, the cop spotted a bag of powder. A field test indicated that the powdered substance was amphetamine. The man went to jail and remained there for nearly three months before an actual lab test was done on the powder, which revealed that it wasn’t amphetamine, but vitamins. So, they dropped the charges Read more […]

Man Detained, Questioned, and Arrested for Legally Open Carrying

This is the very reason I personally don’t want to open carry. I don’t want to draw attention to myself. Particularly police attention. I know the police do not like open gun carriers, and I know that someone would call the police when he saw me carrying a gun openly. I would be detained, harassed, interrogated, searched, and maybe arrested even though what I was doing was perfectly legal. And all that could be avoided if I instead opted for carrying a concealed handgun. It should not be that Read more […]