Blind Self-esteem and the American Heart to Succeed

Many, many, years ago after having to endure the self-righteous indignation of a recently fired employee, I went for a drive to clear my head and lower my blood pressure. It was on this drive that I met a man I will never forget. I man that inspired me and continues to inspire me when times are tough and insanely selfish people blame others for their failures. A time very much like the one we all live in today. Feeling slightly dejected from my morning butt chewing and a little chemically imbalanced, Read more […]

Why Pay Employees to Play Monopoly?

It was recently pointed out that the battery manufacturing plant that Obama wanted to help out with a $151 million grant of taxpayer money hadn’t even manufactured one battery yet, and it’s been two years since its groundbreaking ceremony in Holland, Michigan, which Obama attended. The Korean company LG Chem maintains that they have employed about 200 people, and employees are having to forgo one week’s pay every month. So, it has been over two years since Obama made a big deal about giving Read more […]