Networks Continue to Falsely Blame Rick Scott for “Fangate”

Networks blasted Florida Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) for his part in the “fangate” saga that played out in his recent debate with Charlie Crist (D-FL)… but when the truth came out that it was the debate organizers who erred, and not Scott… those same networks went silent.   All the while, neither network mentioned that Scott said Thursday that he was there for the debate and told by the debate organizers to not come out as Crist was supposedly not there because he the debate rules Read more […]

CNN Reporter Calls Israelis Scum

Thursday night CNN’s International correspondent Diana Magnay stepped into a hornet’s nest when she decided to call a group of Israeli’s scum. Yep. She called them scum. It happened after she appeared with Wolf Blitzer to discuss the conflict in Israel, where she told Blitzer that “It is an astonishing, macabre and awful thing to watch this display of fire in the air.” But what got her into trouble was a tweet she sent out after her interview.   That’s what “unbiased” Read more […]

CNN Asks – Why Can’t Americans Use the same Excuses as the IRS?

On Thursday CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed IRS chief John Koskinen, who recently flubbed his way through a couple of hours of Congressional testimony. At one point Blitzer wondered why private companies and individuals had a much higher threshold of responsibility when it came to record keeping than the IRS does. It would seem that the IRS should hold itself to the same level of responsibility that they require of others who are forced to file taxes. Partial Transcript: BLITZER: The — Read more […]