Barber Shop Customer Shoots and Kills Armed Robber

An armed robber chose the wrong barber shop! This happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where gun rights Sheriff David Clarke encourages citizens there to carry concealed for cases just like this. The Daily Caller reported: A would-be armed robber who stuck up a Milwaukee barber shop on Friday received more than a haircut when an armed patron pulled out his own gun and fatally shot the criminal. “He asked some questions about how much a haircut costs, then went into the bathroom to put his mask Read more […]

Laura Bassett’s HuffPo Lies about Governor Scott Walker

Liberals have an ability to parse words, and phrases in such an exacting way as to get their desired outcome without ever needing to reference concrete facts, or data–it’s nearly supernatural. This ability has been used brilliantly by Democrats, and even more effectively by their media drones to convince the American people that the Democratic Party is the Party of the people, and that conservatives are vile, xenophobic, misogynistic trolls. The Huffington Post is particularly, and frequently Read more […]

Will Democrats Destroy Wisconsin’s Economic Recovery in November?

Republican Scott Walker is no stranger to controversy. He was elected to the governorship of Wisconsin in 2010 on the campaign promised of cutting the state’s deficit and balancing the budget and he did just that. After being sworn into office, Walker jumped right in to the budget issues and like a responsible businessman he knew he had to make drastic cuts and changes in order keep his campaign promises. He knew that making necessary cuts always angers those it affects, but he also knew that Read more […]

Christian Churches Forced to Perform Same-Sex Weddings

In my post yesterday, I talked about US District Court Judge Barbara Crabb who took it upon herself to overturn part of the Wisconsin state constitution based upon her personal agenda to allow same-sex marriages. In her decision, Crabb wrote: “This case is not about whether marriages between same-sex couples are consistent or inconsistent with the teachings of a particular religion, whether such marriages are moral or immoral or whether they are something that should be encouraged or discouraged.” Read more […]

Federal Judge Rules on Personal Agenda to Strike down Part of Wisconsin Constitution

A growing sign of the decay of American values and principles can be seen in courtrooms around the nation. Liberal judges appointed by liberal presidents are ruling more on their own personal agenda than on the rule of law. Case in point is how federal judges are ruling against the will of the people and state constitutions in favor of their personal support of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. One such federal judge is Barbara Crabb, the Senior Judge of the United States District Court for Read more […]

Wisconsin City Police Refuse to Enforce Public Park Gun Ban

It started when one “concerned” mother Heather Karenz posted to Facebook a picture of her son at the park. Adjacent to her son in the picture was a man with a gun on his hip. More than likely, it was just another parent watching his own kids at the park. But it alarmed this mother, and she wanted to know if open carrying a gun in a public park where kids are around was allowed. It turned out that the city of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin has a ban on openly carried firearms in public parks. But Read more […]

Cop Runs Stop Sign and Causes Accident; Arrests Sober Victim for DUI

This is classic. A Milwaukee, Wisconsin cop was on patrol one night at an airport, ran a stop sign and t-boned another driver Tanya Weyker, breaking her neck in four different places and then had the audacity to arrest her for DUI, even though she was perfectly sober. Weyker had been diagnosed with cancer as a three-year-old and had undergone radiation treatments that left her spine deformed and requiring metal rods to straighten it out. Immediately after the accident, she was treated as a Read more […]

Impeach Obama T-Shirts Ruled Safety Hazard by Town Council

Located along the western boundary of Wisconsin, the tiny town of Campbell mostly consists of water.  The total area within the city limits is 12.57 square miles, but the town’s 4,400 residents live on the 3.84 square miles of land that is surrounded by the Mississippi River.  It is a small suburb of the La Crosse metropolitan area. Campbell is such a small and somewhat secluded town that it rarely makes the news, but that may soon change.  The entire La Crosse area, including Campbell is Read more […]

Conservative Supporters of GOP Gov. Walker Targets Of Subpoenas And Raids

When conservative Republican Scott Walker ran for governor of Wisconsin, he promised to do what he could to help curb the state deficit and bring spending back under control.  He won the election in 2010 and was sworn in as governor on January 3, 2011. Not long after taking office, Walker set out to cut state spending and one of those areas was to introduce his budget repair bill.  Part of this bill eliminated many of the collective bargaining rights of unions that represented many state workers.  Read more […]

School Bus Driver Tells 12 Yr Old Boy His Mother Should Have Aborted Him

The public school system throughout the United States has become a nest for liberals.  Educators have been sucked into the liberal mindset that it is their job to form and mold kids into what progressive politics wants them to become instead of what their parents want them to be.  The NEA is the largest teachers union in the nation and it is married to the liberal progressive Democratic Party.  Hence, a large majority of public school employees, not just teachers are Democrats out of mandate. Recently, Read more […]

One Judge Overturns the Wishes of the Voters in Wisconsin

When we elect a president, we also elect judges, bureaucrats (who stay long after a president’s term/terms of office), laws he gets passed, and executive orders. Consider what just happened in Wisconsin. Wisconsin was a battleground that put public sector union workers in a bargaining position that allowed the unions to use the power of government to line their pockets and those of their members. This sweetheart relationship was bankrupting the state. Republican Governor Scott Walker decided Read more […]