Democrats Introduce Bill to Ban Words “Husband” and “Wife”

Following their recent victory where the Supremes decided that homosexual marriages would be the “law of the land,” liberals pushed further on to the next step. They want to get rid of any language in federal laws that smacks of gender in the context of marriage. The state of California has already done this, but this group of Democrats wants this for the entire country. Instead of the “anti-gay” words “husband” and “wife,” how about gender-neutral terms like “spouse” or “married Read more […]

Holder Discussed Fast & Furious with Wife before Admitting to Knowing about It

We already know that US Attorney General Eric Holder has violated nearly as many federal laws as Barack Obama. He has repeatedly refused to prosecute liberals and enforce federal laws while spending his time going after conservatives and patriots. In 2008, members of the New Black Panthers were caught on video intimidating voters to get them to vote for Obama. After being appointed as Attorney General, Holder ordered the federal charges to be dropped and the investigation stopped. It just happened Read more […]

Colorado Man under Influence of Legal Pot Kills Wife

When Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana, I predicted that it would lead to more deaths in the state. Earlier this month I wrote about the death of Levy Thamba; a 19 year old exchange student from the Republic of Congo.  He and some friends had traveled to Denver on spring break.  One member of the group was 21 and had legally purchased marijuana laced cookies.  Supposedly, none of them had ever tried marijuana before.  Shortly after eating his cookie, Thamba became ‘agitated Read more […]

Orwellian Newspeak Goes Live For Same Sex UK Officialdom

In George Orwell’s totalitarian dystopian novel, 1984, because people could be persecuted and killed for thinking the wrong thing (“thoughtcrime”), they had to conform to the politically correct way of speaking (“newspeak”). Orwell’s novel is a bestseller for a reason. People saw in his imaginary world an accurate reflection of the real one and how modern tyrannies work. And it is no longer fiction but fact in the UK. Even though same sex “marriage” is not legal, already the definitions Read more […]