Dinesh D’Souza Destroys Liberal College “White Privilege” Argument

Brilliant conservative Dinesh D’Souza recently visited Amherst College to speak about the cultural/political collapse that liberals are forcing upon our nation. During the question and answer segment of his time with Amherst’s students, D’Souza thoroughly wrecked the idea that “white privilege” is a problem that the culture at large should be “fixing.” D’Souza uses logic and history to thoroughly dismantle the liberal fallacies being propagated on our campuses and happily makes one Read more […]

University of Vermont Holds 3-Day Retreat to Teach White Students to Confront their Privilege

Black students are taught that they’re victims in a world filled with hatred toward them. They need safe spaces on campuses where they can be with other people of color and open up about their troubles, all at the exclusion of privileged whites (is that redundant?). On the other hand, white students are the victimizers. They don’t need safe spaces. They’re the reason black students need safe spaces. White students go to events where they can learn more about their own privilege and the damage Read more […]

Duke University Students: White People “Held the Church Door Open for the Charleston Shooter”

A group of Duke University students penned an editorial in which they posited that Dylann Roof didn’t act alone in his murderous rampage at a Black church in Charleston. White privilege, and by extension, every white American played a part and even “held the church door open” for Roof. Here’s a choice snippet: Being white does not mean that you owned slaves. It does not mean that you bought a house with the G.I. Bill. It does not mean that you benefitted from welfare. But, the minute you Read more […]

Liberals Sign Petition in Support of “White Privilege Tax”

If the headline has to do with some absolutely ridiculous petition that people are willingly signing, you can bet Mark Dice is involved somehow. Granted, in this day and age, enforcing a “white privilege tax” wouldn’t be all that surprising. In fact, I’d be surprised if something similar hasn’t been introduced yet. And I admit that I am going out on a limb in assuming that these are all liberals agreeing to sign the prank petition. But it’s a very short limb. What self-identifying conservative Read more […]

College Dorm Bulletin Board Educates Students on “Heterosexual Privilege”

Step aside, white privilege, and make way for heterosexual privilege. White privilege is like, so last year, yo. Everyone knows that whites are born privileged. That’s not news anymore. That initial thrill of talking about it is fizzling out. They need something else to talk about. Now they’ve got heterosexual privilege, which actually isn’t really anything new either. Things that have historically been looked at as perverse for thousands of years are now being pushed as completely normal Read more […]

Sociologist Blames Baltimore Riots on Racism and White Privilege

In an op-ed entitled, “Racism, White Privilege Still Exist, and Riots Prove It,” Vanderbilt professor Tony Brown quoted Martin Luther King, Jr. in defense of the Baltimore mayhem last week:  “A riot is the language of the unheard.” I could be wrong, but I don’t think King had burning and looting businesses in mind when he used the word riot. According to this professor, these riots were the fault of white racists and white privilege. Here’s what he said, in part: Evidence proving Read more […]

College Student Gets Robbed at Gunpoint; Blames Himself for Being “Privileged”

A Georgetown University student recently wrote an op-ed in The Hoya about his experience getting robbed at gunpoint and how it was all because of his “privilege.” He said that he understood why the robbers did what they did, and that if we could only solve our income inequality problems, there would be no more robberies. He and a housemate were robbed at gunpoint while they were on their way home one night. They were forced to the ground while the robbers patted them down for valuables. Oliver Read more […]

App to Help People Avoid Crime-Ridden Areas is Racist

SketchFactor is an app developed by D.C. natives Allison McGuire and Daniel Herrington that’s set to go live this Friday. It’ll help users identify “sketchy” neighborhoods so that they can avoid them. The app will use publicly available data and crowdsourcing to give users updated information on crime in certain areas. Obviously, when you’re talking about crime and “sketchy” neighborhoods, that automatically means you’re talking about black neighborhoods. And, what do you know, Read more […]

Harvard Approves Mandatory “White Privilege” Brainwashing Orientation

New students at Harvard University will soon be treated to a mandatory special orientation program designed to teach them all about societal “privilege and power” structures. The group responsible for overseeing the program explains (kind of) what the “class” is: A mandatory power and privilege training that examines components of race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ability, religion, international status, and power differentials . . . And why it’s important for Harvard Read more […]

Teachers’ Annual “White Privilege Conference”: Whites are Born Racist, and There’s Nothing They Can Do About It

A reporter with the MacIver Institute sneaked into the annual “White Privilege Conference,” something that was supposed to be off-limits to the public, despite it being partially funded by taxpayer money. And yes, the White Privilege Conference is a real thing. Apparently, this was their 15th year holding the event, and this year’s conference was held in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s a four-day event where everyone talks about how white people are inherently racist, and minorities are inherently victims. Nick Read more […]

College Schedules Diversity “Happy Hour”; No Whites Allowed

I know I’m supposed to be outraged by this. But I can’t help but be amused by it. Maybe it’s just how in-your-face and out-in-the-open their irony [read hypocrisy] is. They want to tackle racism and embrace “diversity,” but they tell white people that they’re not allowed. They’re a parody of themselves, and I think it’s hilarious. However, at the same time, I can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if things had been reversed. Can you imagine the fire and brimstone that Read more […]

Jesse Jackson: Phil Robertson Was Flaunting His “White Privilege”

The race-baiters had to get a piece of the action too. They couldn’t just let the tolerant, nonjudgmental, happy rainbow people soak up all the spotlight. Somehow, they had to make it sound like Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuality and other forms of immorality and perversion weren’t exclusively “anti-gay,” but were also racist. So racist, that Phil Robertson is now worse than Rosa Parks’ bus driver. From ABC News: “These statements uttered by Robertson are more offensive Read more […]